Go 写的 HttpDns 服务:goHttpDns

jopen 7年前

一个用 Go 写的 HttpDns 服务, 为了抵抗运营商邪恶的 DNS 劫持污染,并带有缓存功能 。

How To Compile

cd $GOPATH;  git clone http://github.com/zheng-ji/goHttpDns;  cd src;  make

How To Configure

# redis connect config  redis:    host:    db: 0    # seelog config   log_config: ../etc/logger.xml    # ip & port & answer cache TTL  listen:  port: 9999  ttl: 100    # DnsServer lists  dnsservers:      -      -      -      -

How To Run

Aftermake, a binary executable file calledhttpDnswill be generated under thebindirectory

zj@zheng-ji:$ ./httpDns --help  Usage of ./httpDns:    -c="../etc/conf.yml": conf file,default is ../etc/conf.yml    ./httpDns -c="your_conf_yaml_path"

You can also usesupervisorto start your sever

How To Use

$ curl    Resp:  {      "c":0,      "targetip":"",      "host":"zheng-ji.info",      "msg":""  }

Dependece Third Part Lib

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