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CSCore - .NET Audio Library

CSCore是一个免费的 .NET 音频库,完全采用C#开发。 它提供了非常多的功能如播放或捕获音频,各种不同格式的编码和解码器和效果。


Supported Features

Currently the following features are implemented:

  • Realtime audio processing
    • Process audio data in realtime
    • Apply any processors in any order you want in realtime
    • Create custom processors (e.g. effects, analyzes, decoders,...)
  • Codecs *1
    • MP3
    • WAVE (PCM, IeeeFloat, GSM, ADPCM,...)
    • FLAC
    • AAC
    • AC3
    • WMA
    • Raw data
    • OGG-Vorbis (through NVorbis)
  • Speaker Output
    • WaveOut
    • DirectSoundOut (realtime streaming)
    • WASAPI (loop- and event-callback + exclusive mode available)
    • XAudio2
  • Recording
    • WaveIn
    • WASAPI (loop- and event-callback + exclusive mode available)
    • WASAPI loopback capture (capture output from soundcard)
  • DSP Algorithms
    • Fastfouriertransform (FFT)
    • Effects (Echo, Compressor, Reverb, Chorus, Gargle, Flanger,...)
    • Resampler
    • Channel-mixing using custom channel-matrices
    • Generic Equalizer
    • ...
  • XAudio2 support
    • XAudio2.7 and XAudio2.8 support
    • 3D Audio support (see X3DAudio sample)
    • Streaming source voice implementation allowing the client to stream any codec, custom effect,... to XAudio2
    • Optimized for games
  • Mediafoundation encoding and decoding
  • DirectX Media Objects Wrapper
  • CoreAudioAPI Wrapper
    • WASAPI
    • Windows Multimedia Devices
    • Windows Audio Session
    • Endpoint Volume,...
  • Multi-Channel support
  • Flexible
    • Configure and customize any parts of CSCore
    • Use low latency values for realtime performance, high latency values for stability
    • Adjust the audio quality
    • Configure custom channel matrices
    • Create custom effects
    • ...
    • Or simply: Make CSCore fit your needs!
  • Tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, FLAC)
  • Sample Winforms Visualizations
  • Optimized performance though the usage of CLI instructions provided by a custom post compiler

*1 Some Codecs are only available on certain platforms. For more details, see Codeplex-Page.

Some projects using already using cscore:

  • Dopamine: An music player which tries to keep listening to music clean and simple.
  • Hurricane: Is a powerful music player written in C# based on CSCore sound library.
  • Sharpex2D: A game engine which allows you to create beautiful 2D games under .NET for Windows and Mono compatible systems
  • HTLED: A audio visualization displayed on a selfmade 32x16 LED matrix.
  • ...

"CSCore - Visualization" Sample: