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Simulation to CamScanner app With Custom Camera and Crop Rect Validation

Video preview Here

FrameworkAdd the Frameworks to see the Demo

Thanks to Stackoverflow for solving queries related to OpenCV


Excellent Square Detection Code Ref: Here andHere

OpenCV Tutorials: Here

Custom Camera Project Ref:Here


Crop Rect Validation Vector Ref:Here (Mysterious Trousers)

Also Thanks to this Project from where it is Inspired From

Maximilian Mackh :Here

This Project Contains

1.Custom Camera(Support Potrait Only Now) with Zoom Slider,Pinch Zoom,Tap to Focus features also.

2.Custom Ripple View Controller Animation.

3.OpenCV square Detection in Image for detecting objects.

4.OpenCV perpespective and warptransform for CROP feature.

5.Crop Validation for checking INVALID RECT.

6.Memory Efficient Camera(Thanks to SimpleCam Project).

7.Tesseract OCR.

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