WeChat ,SNS APP (高仿微信)

jopen 9年前


Social APP is popular all over the world, such as: 非死book, Line, Whatsapp, Kakao.
You still worry about their own project social module? You also thinking WeChat function is how to achieve? Don't worry, come and look at this! This project is a high copy WeChat, and based on WeChat do to some experience and UI optimization. implementation features:

  • The text chat between friends, expression, video calls, voice, the voice call, send a file, etc.
  • Group chat,
  • from the address book add buddy,
  • QR Code scanning add buddy, QR Code scanning transfer between friends,
  • WeChat public account information push,
  • circle of friends.
  • etc.

If you are interest in this project, welcome to join our big family of open source!
Family !!!