jopen 7年前

GLCalendarView 是一款完全自定义的日历视图,可以作为日期范围选择器。


  • Init the view by placing it in the storyboard or programmatically init it and add it to your view controller.
  • InviewDidLoad, set thefirstDateandlastDateof the calendarView.
  • InviewWillAppear, set up the model data and call[self.calendarView reload];to refresh the calendarView.

To display some ranges in the calendar view, construct someGLCalendarDateRangeobjects, set them as the model of the calendar view

NSDate *today = [NSDate date];  NSDate *beginDate = [GLDateUtils dateByAddingDays:-23 toDate:today];  NSDate *endDate = [GLDateUtils dateByAddingDays:-18 toDate:today];  GLCalendarDateRange *range = [GLCalendarDateRange rangeWithBeginDate:beginDate endDate:endDate];  range.backgroundColor = COLOR_BLUE;  range.editable = YES;  range.binding = yourModelObject // you can bind your model to the range    self.calendarView.ranges = [@[range1] mutableCopy];  [self.calendarView reload];