jopen 8年前

jgroups-raft 项目是  JGroups 框架对 Raft 的实现。


<groupId>org.jgroups</groupId>  <artifactId>jgroups-raft</artifactId>  <version>0.2</version>

Raft 是一个容易理解的共识算法。在容错和性能方面它相当于 Paxos(Google 的一致性算法)。所不同的是,它的分解为相对独立的子问题,和它干净地处理所有实用的系统所需的主要部分。我们希望 Raft 将使共识可用于更广泛的受众,而这广泛的观众将能够开发各种高质量的一致同意的系统。

Raft is a consensus algorithm that is designed to be easy to understand. It's equivalent to Paxos in fault-tolerance and performance. The difference is that it's decomposed into relatively independent subproblems, and it cleanly addresses all major pieces needed for practical systems. We hope Raft will make consensus available to a wider audience, and that this wider audience will be able to develop a variety of higher quality consensus-based systems than are available today.