jopen 7年前

Swift的Socket.IO客户端。支持ws/wss/polling connections 和binary。适合 socket.io 1.0+ 和 Swift 1.1.

For Swift 1.2 use the 1.2 branch.


  1. Requires linking SocketRocket against your xcode project. (Be sure to link the frameworks required by SocketRocket)
  2. Create a bridging header for SocketRocket
  3. Copy the SwiftIO folder into your xcode project



init(socketURL: String, opts:[String: AnyObject]? = nil)- Constructs a new client for the given URL. opts can be omitted (will use default values. See example)


  1. socket.on(name:String, callback:((data:NSArray?, ack:AckEmitter?) -> Void))- Adds a handler for an event. Items are passed by an array.ackcan be used to send an ack when one is requested. See example.
  2. socket.onAny(callback:((event:String, items:AnyObject?)) -> Void)- Adds a handler for all events. It will be called on any received event.
  3. socket.emit(event:String, args:AnyObject...)- Sends a message. Can send multiple args.
  4. socket.emitWithAck(event:String, args:AnyObject...) -> SocketAckHandler- Sends a message that requests an acknowledgement from the server. Returns a SocketAckHandler which you can use to add an onAck handler. See example.
  5. socket.connect()- Establishes a connection to the server. A "connect" event is fired upon successful connection.
  6. socket.connectWithParams(params:[String: AnyObject])- Establishes a connection to the server passing the specified params. A "connect" event is fired upon successful connection.
  7. socket.close()- Closes the socket. Once a socket is closed it should not be reopened.


  1. connect- Emitted when on a successful connection.
  2. disconnect- Emitted when the connection is closed.
  3. error- Emitted if the websocket encounters an error.
  4. reconnect- Emitted when the connection is starting to reconnect.
  5. reconnectAttempt- Emitted when attempting to reconnect.


// opts can be omitted, will use default values  let socket = SocketIOClient(socketURL: "https://localhost:8080", opts: [      "reconnects": true, // default true      "reconnectAttempts": 5, // default -1 (infinite tries)      "reconnectWait": 5, // default 10      "nsp": "swift", // connects to the specified namespace. Default is /      "forcePolling": true // if true, the socket will only use XHR polling, default is false (polling/WebSockets)  ])    // Called on every event  socket.onAny {println("got event: \($0.event) with items \($0.items)")}    // Socket Events  socket.on("connect") {data, ack in      println("socket connected")        // Sending messages      socket.emit("testEcho")        socket.emit("testObject", [          "data": true          ])        // Sending multiple items per message      socket.emit("multTest", [1], 1.4, 1, "true",          true, ["test": "foo"], "bar")  }    // Requesting acks, and responding to acks  socket.on("ackEvent") {data, ack in      if let str = data?[0] as? String {          println("Got ackEvent")      }        socket.emitWithAck("ackTest", "test").onAck {data in          println(data?[0])      }        ack?("Got your event", "dude")  }    socket.on("disconnect") {data, ack in      if let reason = data?[0] as? String {          println("Socket disconnected: \(reason)")      }  }    socket.on("reconnect") {data, ack in      if let reason = data?[0] as? String {          println("Socket reconnecting: \(reason)")      }  }    socket.on("reconnectAttempt") {data, ack in      if let triesLeft = data?[0] as? Int {          println(triesLeft)      }  }  // End Socket Events    socket.on("jsonTest") {data, ack in      if let json = data?[0] as? NSDictionary {         println(json["test"]!) // foo bar      }  }    // Event items are passed by an array  socket.on("multipleItems") {data, ack in      if data == nil {          return      }        if let str = data![0] as? String {          println(str)      }        if let arr = data![1] as? [Int] {          println(arr)      }        if let obj = data![4] as? NSDictionary {          println(obj["test"])      }  }    // Recieving binary  socket.on("dataTest") {data, ack in      if let data = data?[0] as? NSData {          println("data is binary")      }  }    socket.on("objectDataTest") {data, ack in      if let dict = data?[0] as? NSDictionary {          if let data = dict["data"] as? NSData {              let string = NSString(data: data, encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding)              println("Got data: \(string!)")          }      }  }    // Connecting  socket.connect()    // Sending binary  socket.emit("testData", [          "data": "Hello World".dataUsingEncoding(NSUTF8StringEncoding,              allowLossyConversion: false)!,          "test": true])