lldb在OS X上的一个前端:Xspray

jopen 6年前

lldb在OS X上的一个前端,支持 Mac 和 iOS。


  • 加载一个iOS和MacOSX的应用程序
  • get infos from the iOS devices plugged on the computer
  • see the list of compiles units
  • pause/ step over / step in / step out / continue
  • load C/ObjC/C++ source and display it with syntax colouring (thanks to libclang…).
  • add/remove breakpoints from the source code by clicking in the gutter
  • list the module dependencies (dylibs, frameworks, etc) and object files.
  • launch the program on the Mac or iOS device (will as for permission, etc).
  • stop on breakpoints
  • inspect variables
  • display a crude plot when you select a variable that contains a std::list, std::vector or array of simple types (signed and unsigned integers of 8, 16, and 32 bits, floats, doubles)
  • probably more things that I have forgotten
  • written in C++, mostly portable to linux and windows thanks to NUI (could be done in a couple of weeks I guess).
  • the code is still very messy, particularly on the iOS side.