Rust 的 RESTful 框架:rustful

jopen 8年前

rustful 是 Rust 编程语言的一个 RESTful 框架,主要目的是创建一个简单、轻量级的 HTTP 服务应用基础。它是基于一个无状态的结构,其中响应处理程序分配给路径和HTTP方法,这自然使得它能够在计算机集群中的一个服务器或多个实例同时运行。


  • Generic response handlers. Just implement the Handler trait and you are done.
  • Optional resource cache with lazy loading and simple cleaning of unused data.
  • Some handy macros reduces risk for typos and makes life easier.
  • Variables and recursive wildcards in routes.
  • Minimal routing overhead.


//Include rustful_macros during syntax phase to be able to use the macros  #![feature(phase)]  #[phase(plugin)]  extern crate rustful_macros;     extern crate rustful;  extern crate http;  use rustful::{Server, Request, Response};  use http::method::Get;     ///Our handler function  fn handler(request: Request, response: &mut Response) {      //Send something nice to the user      try_send!(response, "Hello, user! It looks like this server works fine." while "sending hello");  }     fn main() {      let server = Server::new(8080, router!{"/" => Get: handler});         //Start the server. All code beyond this point is unreachable;  }