jopen 8年前

一个类似于 Tinder的Android库,用于创建滑动卡片效果。 您可以向左或向右滑动来切换喜欢或不喜欢的内容。

//implement the onFlingListener  public class MyActivity extends Activity {      ...        @Override      protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {          ...            //add the view via xml or programmatically          SwipeFlingAdapterView flingContainer = (SwipeFlingAdapterView) findViewById(;            al = new ArrayList<String>();          al.add("php");          al.add("c");          al.add("python");          al.add("java");            //choose your favorite adapter          arrayAdapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, R.layout.item,, al );            //set the listener and the adapter          flingContainer.setAdapter(arrayAdapter);          flingContainer.setFlingListener(new SwipeFlingAdapterView.onFlingListener() {              @Override              public void removeFirstObjectInAdapter() {                  // this is the simplest way to delete an object from the Adapter (/AdapterView)                  Log.d("LIST", "removed object!");                  al.remove(0);                  arrayAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged();              }                @Override              public void onLeftCardExit(Object dataObject) {                  //Do something on the left!                  //You also have access to the original object.                  //If you want to use it just cast it (String) dataObject                  Toast.makeText(MyActivity.this, "Left!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();              }                @Override              public void onRightCardExit(Object dataObject) {                  Toast.makeText(MyActivity.this, "Right!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();              }                @Override              public void onAdapterAboutToEmpty(int itemsInAdapter) {                  // Ask for more data here                  al.add("XML ".concat(String.valueOf(i)));                  arrayAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged();                  Log.d("LIST", "notified");                  i++;              }          });            // Optionally add an OnItemClickListener          flingContainer.setOnItemClickListener(new SwipeFlingAdapterView.OnItemClickListener() {              @Override              public void onItemClicked(int itemPosition, Object dataObject) {                  makeToast(MyActivity.this, "Clicked!");              }          });      }  }