jQuery 数据表格插件:Sensei Grid

jopen 5年前

这是一个简单的数据表格jQuery插件。这个数据表格是 Datazenit (基于Web的数据库管理工具)的一部分。

依赖: jQuery and underscore.js/lodash。它使用 推ter Bootstrap作为默认的样式。

Demo and Screenshot

Demo: http://datazenit.com/static/sensei-grid/examples/

Sensei Grid Screenshot


  • Simplicity: Sensei Grid will be a single purpose data grid without unrelated functionality.
  • Small code base: Bloatware and dirty workarounds/hacks will be avoided as much as possible to keep the code base small and tidy.
  • Extensibility: Even though Sensei Grid will be kept simple, we will put serious effort to make it easy to extend and customize.
  • Stability: Sensei Grid is backed by Datazenit, meaning that the project is financially supported and will be constantly maintained and improved.