WebGL 图形库:Qtek

jopen 8年前


Qtek是一个图形库用于实现 webgl 3d 和 2d 绘制。它现在还是一个实验版本。




  • Scene graph based management of lights, meshes, cameras, materials and shaders
  • Basic primitive geometry procedural generate
    • Cube, sphere, cylinder, cone, plane
  • Phong and lambert buildin shaders which support normal map and environment map
  • Physically based shader
  • Point, directional, spot light
  • Orthographic, perspective camera
  • Graph based post processing
  • High quality shadow
    • PCF or VSM soft shadow
    • PSSM for sun light in large scene
    • Omni light shadow support
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    • Geometory processing like normal and tangent generate
    • GPU based skinning