iOS 评级视图:RateView

jopen 7年前

RateView 是用于 iOS Objective-C的评级视图,是UIView 的子类,可以创建自定义的评级视图,包括评级星星。

RateView 附带了它的定制需要一个属性集:

  • rating : Rating to be used with RateView (0.0f to 5.0f)

  • canRate : User can rate using rate view or not (Permission flag)

  • starNormalColor : Rating Star's backgroundColor

  • starFillColor : Rating Star's fillColor

  • starBorderColor : Rating Star's borderColor

  • starFillMode : Star Fill modes Horizontal, Vertical or Axial

  • starSize : starSize (width == height == size) in points

  • delegate : register in order to listen to rating changes

 iOS 评级视图 RateView