iOS 数字键盘:APNumberPad

jopen 7年前

APNumberPad是iOS 数字键盘完整克隆,并提供可定制的功能按钮。

// in .h:  #import <APNumberPad/APNumberPad.h>    @interface ExampleViewController : UIViewController <APNumberPadDelegate>    // in .m:    UITextField *textField = [[UITextField alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectZero];  textField.inputView = ({      APNumberPad *numberPad = [APNumberPad numberPadWithDelegate:self];      // configure function button      //      [numberPad.leftFunctionButton setTitle:@"Func" forState:UIControlStateNormal];      numberPad.leftFunctionButton.titleLabel.adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth = YES;      numberPad;  });    #pragma mark - APNumberPadDelegate    - (void)numberPad:(APNumberPad *)numberPad functionButtonAction:(UIButton *)functionButton textInput:(UIResponder<UITextInput> *)textInput {      [textInput insertText:@"#"];  }


  • FULLY repeats default iOS keyboard look'n'feel (input with "tap by tap", pan over keyboard and release finger on button, holding clear button, ...)
  • Device rotation
  • Customizable left function button
  • Customizable keyboard appearence (see APNumberPad+Style.h)
  • UITextField and UITextView support (or any other UIResponder object that responds to UITextInput protocol)
  • Input clicks

iOS 数字键盘:APNumberPad