iOS 联系人选择:soofani-THContactPicker

jopen 6年前

soofani-THContactPicker 是对 THContackPicker 的扩展,实现了联系人的多选支持,并对 UI 进行改进。


  • Control now loads contacts from address book after requesting permission.

  • Added model class THContact

  • Used custom cell view for easier UI customization.

  • Added neat circular checkbox to the left side of the contact cell.

  • Added circular contact images.

  • Text filter field and table view resize using animation for smoother feel.

  • Bar button on the top right is disabled by default and enabled when there is at least 1 contact selected.

  • Keyboard is dismissed when tapping outside the filter text field.

iOS 联系人选择:soofani-THContactPicker