jopen 7年前

redis-protocol 是一个非常快速的 Redis 的 Java 客户端实现。同时还包含了嵌入式的 Redis 服务器端的 Java 实现。基于 Netty 开发。

每个模块的描述    redisgen/    Scrapes the page and produce various typed clients and servers, very extensible    util/    Some common encoding and data structures  client/    Leverages the protocol module for encoding and decoding. Supports both synchronous    and asynchronous pipelined requests from the RedisClient. Supports 2.6 commands.  protocol/    Redis protocol encoder / decoder based on input/outputstreams. This is the    fastest implementation if blocking i/o is ok for your use case.  benchmark/    A redis-benchmark clone that uses this Java client for comparison testing.    netty/    A netty 3.5.X compatible codecs for building Redis clients  netty-client/    Complete client except for MULTI/EXEC.    netty4/    A netty 4.0.0.Alpha1 compatible codec for building Redis clients  netty4-server/    A very high performance in-JVM memory redis server clone    util/    Some library functions used by both the blocking client and the netty clients