Struts2 日历选择框 标签<sx:datetimepicker.../>详解

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<%@ taglib prefix="sx" uri="/struts-dojo-tags" %>

在<html> </html>中加入<sx:head />:head标签的功能是生成页面文件的HEAD部分,它还生成了对Ajax框架dojo的配置文件的引用或代码。


  <sx:datetimepicker label="日历" name="calendar" value="today"     toggleType="plain" toggleDuration="300" language="zh_CN" type="date"     displayWeeks="5" displayFormat="dd/MM/yyyy" formatLength="long"  />


 Struts2 日历选择框 标签<sx:datetimepicker.../>详解



 Struts2 日历选择框 标签<sx:datetimepicker.../>详解


<sx:datetimepicker value="%{date}"/>

<sx:datetimepicker value="%{'2007-01-01'}"/>
<sx:datetimepicker value="%{'today'}"/>



Renders a date/time picker in a dropdown(下拉) container.

A stand-alone DateTimePicker widget(文本桌面) that makes it easy to select a date/time, or increment by week, month, and/or year.

It is possible to customize the user-visible formatting with either the 'formatLength' (long, short, medium or full) or 'displayFormat' attributes. By defaulty current locale(区域设置) will be used.


Format Description
d Day of the month
D Day of year
M Month - Use one or two for the numerical month, three for the abbreviation, or four for the full name, or 5 for the narrow name.
y Year
h Hour [1-12].
H Hour [0-23].
m Minute. Use one or two for zero padding.
s Second. Use one or two for zero padding.

The following formats(in order) will be used to parse the values of the attributes 'value', 'startDate' and 'endDate':

  • SimpleDateFormat built using RFC 3339 (yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss)
  • SimpleDateFormat.getTimeInstance(DateFormat.SHORT)
  • SimpleDateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT)
  • SimpleDateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.MEDIUM)
  • SimpleDateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.FULL)
  • SimpleDateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.LONG)
  • SimpleDateFormat built using the value of the 'displayFormat' attribute(if any)