Zebra_Database - 操作MySQL数据库的PHP封装

jopen 8年前

Zebra_Database 是一个高级的、紧凑的(只包含单个文件)、轻量级的、面向对象的 MySQL 数据库访问封装器,基于 PHP 的  MySQL 扩展开发。提供了各种用于与 MySQL 数据库交互的直观方法,比 PHP 自带的更有趣。

Zebra_Database - 操作MySQL数据库的PHP封装


 debug = true;    $db->connect('host', 'username', 'password', 'database');    // code goes here    // this should always be present at the end of your scripts;  // whether it should output anything should be controlled by the $debug property  $db->show_debug_console();  // $criteria will be escaped and enclosed in grave accents, and will  // replace the corresponding ? (question mark) automatically  $db->select(      'column1, column2',      'table',      'criteria = ?',      array($criteria)  );    // after this, one of the "fetch" methods can be run:    // to fetch all records to one associative array  $records = $db->fetch_assoc_all();    // or fetch records one by one, as associative arrays  while ($row = $db->fetch_assoc()) {      // do stuff  }    $db->insert(      'table',      array(          'column1' => $value1,          'column2' => $value2,      )  );  ?>