Java数值计算包:Commons Math

jopen 7年前

Commons Math 是 Apache 上一个轻量级自容器的数学和统计计算方法包,包含大多数常用的数值算法。


// Create a real matrix with two rows and three columns  double[][] matrixData = { {1d,2d,3d}, {2d,5d,3d}};  RealMatrix m = new Array2DRowRealMatrix(matrixData);    // One more with three rows, two columns  double[][] matrixData2 = { {1d,2d}, {2d,5d}, {1d, 7d}};  RealMatrix n = new Array2DRowRealMatrix(matrixData2);    // Note: The constructor copies  the input double[][] array.    // Now multiply m by n  RealMatrix p = m.multiply(n);  System.out.println(p.getRowDimension());    // 2  System.out.println(p.getColumnDimension()); // 2    // Invert p, using LU decomposition  RealMatrix pInverse = new LUDecompositionImpl(p).getSolver().getInverse();