jopen 11年前

ezSQL是一个开源的PHP数据库操作类,用在超过10万个网站上面,包括最有名的wordpress博客程序中。它可以用在操作mySQL, Oracle8, SQLite, postgresql等等的数据库中。目前的2.1版本还有对PHP开源框架CodeIgniter的支持。


ezSQL 特性:

  • ezSQL is a widget that makes it ridiculously easy for you to use PHP-PDO, mySQL, Oracle8, InterBase/FireBird, PostgreSQL, SQLite (PHP), SQLite (C++) or MS-SQL database(s) within your PHP/C++ scripts (more db’s coming soon) – now works with codeigniter!
  • Completely free, no restrictions what-so-ever
  • It is one php file that you include at the top of your script. Then, instead of using standard php database functions listed in the php manual, you use a much smaller (and easier) set of ezSQL functions.
  • It automatically caches query results and allows you to use easy to understand functions to manipulate and extract them without causing extra server overhead
  • It has excellent debug functions making it lightning-fast to see what’s going on in your SQL code
  • Most ezSQL functions can return results as Objects, Associative Arrays, or Numerical Arrays
  • It can dramatically decrease development time and in most cases will streamline your code and make things run faster as well as making it very easy to debug and optimise your database queries.
  • Works with Smarty templating language
  • It is a small class and will not add very much overhead to your website.