C++计算机视觉库:Integrating Vision Toolkit

jopen 9年前

Integrating Vision Toolkit (IVT) 是一个强大而迅速的C++计算机视觉库,拥有易用的接口和面向对象的架构,并且含有自己的一套跨平台GUI组件,另外可以选择集成OpenCV


The IVT implements all functionality within a clean object-oriented architecture with no dependencies. Its intuitive API makes the IVT easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. The source code is not only efficient but also features a good readability, which makes the IVT also a valuable source for educational purposes.


The IVT offers a clean camera interface, with many ready-to-use camera modules implementing this interface (PointGrey Dragonfly/BumbleBee, Videre, other DCAM compatible IEEE1394 cameras such as the iSight, USB webcams, etc.) for any common platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X). Furthermore, a fully integrated general camera model allows the development of computer vision applications independently from the imaging device.


The IVT offers optimized (on C++ level) implementations of important image processing routines, which are as fast or even faster compared to those of other currently available vision libraries (for platform-specific optimizations see here). Some features are:

  • Undistortion
  • Combined Rectification/Undistortion (remapping and interpolation is performed only once for both)
  • Harris Corner Detector
  • SIFT Features and kd-tree feature matching
  • Calibration: fully integrated single and stereo camera model
  • Many filters, resize, Bayer2RGB, RGB2HSV, SVD, PCA, Linear Least Squares, drawing, ...
  • POSIT (pose estimation on the basis of 2D-3D point correspondences)
  • Core function of the ICP (pose estimation on the basis of 3D-3D point correspondences)