jopen 9年前

RText纯Java开发的一个强大,跨平台的程序文本编辑器.支持多种程序语言语法的高亮显示包括:C C++ C#,PHP,HTML,Java JavaScript,Perl,SQL,XML等超过25种语言.

  • Multiple fonts simultaneously - Different token types can use different fonts and styles
  • Bracket matching - Useful for quickly scoping a block of code
  • Macro record/playback - Automate common editing tasks you do repeatedly
  • Drag-and-drop - Easily move code around in your document, or even into another application
  • Spell Checking - Spell check plain text documents and comments of source code.
  • Bookmarking - Mark and quickly navigate to important sections of code.
  • Mark Occurrences - Easily see the scope and usage of a variable or method.
  • Code templates - Create shortcut key sequences for common coding constructs such as for-loops.
  • Unlimited undo/redo - Don't worry about making a mistake with the handy smart undo & redo.
  • File encodings supported - Edit and save files in ASCII, Unicode, or any other encoding supported by your JVM.
  • Current line highlighting - Allows you to quickly locate your position in a source file.
  • Margin line - Useful for keeping your lines from being too long, if you're into that kind of thing.