SQLite 数据库管理工具 phpsqlitesite

jopen 9年前

phpsqlitesite 是一个基于 Web 的 PHP/SQLite 数据库管理工具,只需要一个 PHP 文件,无需依赖其他库。

  • Light on server resources. SQLite read speeds are faster than MySQL and require only filesystem access, so your site will remain responsive even on a shared server under heavy load.
  • Low memory requirements. phpsqlitesite uses less than 512 kB for an average site. (Check the footer below.) Another great feature on shared servers.
  • Easy to maintain. All pages get automatically linked into your site navigation.
  • Easy to style. Redesign your entire site by editing one file. The appearance of page elements is controlled with standard CSS.
  • Not stripped down. Despite its small footprint, phpsqlitesite sites can include an integrated, spam-free comments section, as well as 非死book and 推ter social sharing links.
  • Integrated search. What good is a database-backed web site without a search engine? phpsqlitesite can include a search form on every page to let your visitors find the content they're interested in.