Web的MySQL管理工具 MYSQLtrigger

openkk 9年前

MYSQLtrigger 是一个 Web 开发者工具用来管理 MySQL 数据库。MYSQLtrigger能够帮助开发人员操作数据库如:创建数据库,创建表格,更新,删除等。它是mysql服务器的一个gui工具,用于mysql的管理。

MYSQLtrigger is a tool developed in PHP.You can use MYSQLtrigger to create and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields etc.

MYSQLtrigger is a freeware tool for the web developers.The current version of MYSQLtrigger available is version 1.0 .

MYSQLtrigger is currently available for linux users only.It works perfect on the redhat enterprises series.


  • Intuitive web interface.
  • Support for most MySQL features.
  • Actions like creating,updation,deletion.
  • Support by all web browsers.

Web的MySQL管理工具 MYSQLtrigger Web的MySQL管理工具 MYSQLtrigger Web的MySQL管理工具 MYSQLtrigger