JMockit Eclipse Plugin

jopen 11年前

这是 Eclipse 的插件用来支持 JMockit. 提供测试方法建议并执行静态分析后报告 API 的滥用情况。

  1. Suggests methods to be mocked

    • Press Ctrl+Space inside a class extending MockUp or annotated with @MockClass. A list of mockable methods will appear.
  2. Reports warnings as-you-type if mocking API is not used correctly

    • No corresponding real method for mocked method
    • Mock method calling itself but is not marked as 'reentrant'
    • MockUp used with interface but missing getMockInstance() call
    • Mock method missing @Mock annotation
    • and others
  3. Automatically adds JMockit jar as -javaagent argument to JUnit launches. 

JMockit Eclipse Plugin