SSToolkit - iOS开发常用工具类

openkk 9年前

这个开源项目提供了一个iOS类集合,用于解决iOS开发人员在开发过程中常碰到一些问题。这些类包括:SSCollectionView, SSSwitch等。

Here are some of my other libraries. Some of these used to be part of SSToolkit.

  • SSDataKit — Eliminate your Core Data bolierplate code
  • SSPullToRefresh — Simple and highly customizable pull to refresh view
  • SSKeychain — Simple Objective-C wrapper for the keychain that works on Mac and iOS
  • SSZipArchive — Utility class for zipping and unzipping files on iOS and Mac
  • SYPaginator — Powerful paging scroll views, table view style
  • SYCache — Fancy caching with on-disk persistence
  • JSON Benchmarks — Benchmarks of various JSON frameworks on iOS
  • SSOAuthKit — Handy iOS library for connecting to OAuth 1.0 providers and working with 推ter authentication
  • SSMessagesViewController — iOS style table view controller
  • SSPersonViewController — Clone of Apple's ABPerson view controller allowing for better customization
  • SSTableViewCell — iOS UITableViewCell based on ABTableViewCell.
  • SSIndicatorLabel — label + progress indicator