Android的SQLite管理 aSQLiteManager

openkk 9年前

aSQLiteManager 是运行在 Android 下的一个 SQLite 管理软件。它实现以下功能:

  1. Open databases from within aSQLiteManager and from some file managers (at least from OI File Manager, in Adao Teams File Manager and in Simplest File Manager) (1.0)
  2. List tables, views and indexes (1.0)
  3. Display data from tables and views (1.0)
  4. The content of any cell clicked on are copied to the clip board (1.0)
  5. Execute any SQL including 'Drop' / 'Create' statements (1.0)
  6. Store all executed statements in the opened database (in a table called aSQLiteManager) (1.0)
  7. Select SQL history from query form (1.1)
  8. Begin transaction, Commit and Rollback (1.1)
  9. Export database to SQL script and restore databases from script (1.1)
  10. Export to ASCII file of query results (1.1)
  11. Configuration of open database without question and reset of configuration (1.1)
  12. Execute SQL scripts, full script or single lines (1.2)
  13. Better error handeling during export and restore (1.2)
  14. Data editing form table browser from Edit button at each row (1.2)
  15. Data entry add record from button on title at data browser (1.2)
  16. SQLite does not validata data types during data entry. aSQLiteManager translates this string into the following types and se this to set input mode (SQLite types i parenthesis). The translation is NOT case sensitive:
    • STRING(string, text)
    • INTEGER(integer)
    • FLOAT (real, float, double)
    • DATE (date)
    • TIME (time)
    • DATETIME (datetime)
    • BOOLEAN (boolean, bool)
    • PHONENO (phoneno)
    • BLOB - for the time beeing the aSQLiteManager editor does not handle BLOB fields
  17. Dump table from table view to file named Database.Table.sql- can be loaded by execute file as script (2.0)
  18. Remember recently opened databases for quick access to often used databases (2.0)
  19. BLOB fields no longer causes exceptions. But BLOB fields can not be added / altered (2.0)
  20. SQL now saved in Query view (2.1)
  21. Now works from aShell (2.2)
  22. Database info (2.3)
  23. Support table names and field names with spaces (2.4)
  24. Fields in the table viewer are now colored based on the type of the field. As SQLite doesn't has field type validation the field type can differ from field type given with the create table statement (2.4).
  25. Tables containing BLOB fields can be exported but NOT importet (2.4)
  26. Now you get a SQL error if you enter invalid data during edithng of records (2.4)
  27. Backup and restore of tables with BLOB fields (2.5)
  28. Easy delete of records from the table viewer - press Edit(2.5)
  29. Backup and restore of tables with BLOB fields (2.5)
  30. List of implemented functionality on the Help screen (2.5)
  31. First / last page in table viewer (menu First / Last) (2.6)
  32. Simple filter option in table viewer (menu Filter) planning to extend this with a filter builder (2.6)
  33. Editing FK using selections list of FK values (2.7)
  34. Logging can be turned on / of to collect log data to help me locating bugs (2.7)
  35. Orientation of main screen can be configured (2.7)
  36. Tool to create new databases with PK, ASC / DESC, AUTOINCREMENT, not null, unique, default values, foreign keys and check for field type (3.0)
  37. Easy deletion of tables, views and indexes from lists in database viewer by "long clicking" the table / view / index (3.0)
  38. Foreign key constraint checking can be turned on (Android default is off) (3.0)
  39. Now works in landscape mode (3.0)
  40. Go directly to favourite view in table viewer (Fields or Data) (3.1)
  41. Configurable font size in data lists (3.1)
  42. Easy editing of databases located in a "Dropbox" folder (3.1)
  43. Select where to create a new database using a directory picker – thanks to Malte Heizelmann (3.2)
  44. You get tips about what is possible in the different parts of the program (3.2)
  45. Foreign key selection lists now show a string representation of the records not just the FK fields. The field that the foreign key refers to MUST be the primary key in the referenced table (3.2)
Android的SQLite管理 aSQLiteManager Android的SQLite管理 aSQLiteManager Android的SQLite管理 aSQLiteManager Android的SQLite管理 aSQLiteManager Android的SQLite管理 aSQLiteManager Android的SQLite管理 aSQLiteManager