CMS Made Simple(简称CMSMS)

fmms 12年前

CMS Made Simple(简称CMSMS) 是一款轻量级的内容管理系统,旨在为静态内容为主的小型门户网站提供最简单最轻松的架站体验。

CMSMS 以不限深度的树型结构来组织内容,符合大部分场合的信息结构。这些内容通常是相对静态的,其内容、结构和访问方式不随着时间的推移而改变。相比于早期的 HTML 静态页面组织方式,采用CMS系统可以把它们方便组织起来,便于维护。而且采用 CMS 可以将内容和表现分离,便于更新界面。CMSMS 还大量采用了缓冲机制,使得管理静态内容更加高效。CMSMS 的结构非常清晰,使用扩展模块或者模版主题等非常方便。同时,它的 news 模块可以用来组织新闻等基于时间排序的信息,支持分类。

Content Management System Features

  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Integrated and online help
  • Modular and extensible
  • Easy user and group management
  • Group-based permission system
  • Full template support, for unlimited looks without changing a line of content
  • Easy wizard based install and upgrade procedures
  • Minimal server requirements
  • Admin panel with multiple language support
  • Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size
  • Integrated file manager w/ upload capabilities
  • Integrated audit log
  • Friendly support in forums and irc
  • Small footprint

Design Features

  • Accessibility WAI, WCGA, Section 508
  • XHTML and CSS compliant
  • Auto-generated menu
  • Every page can have different theme
  • Design protected from content editors
  • Multiple content areas on one page

Via Extra Modules

For Programmers

  • GPL'd source code
  • Rich module API for unlimited expandability
  • Full API documentation
  • Events system
  • Ability to program simple PHP coded plugins right inside the admin
  • Smarty for templates
  • Database abstraction using ADODB Lite (optionally ADODB)
  • Intelligent caching mechanism to only get what is necessary from the database