DLang 开发插件 DDT

openkk 11年前

DDT (D Development Tools) 是 Eclipse 下的 D 语言开发插件。

  • A JDT-like project model (projects, source folders, flat or hierarchical packages).
  • D Editor:
    • Syntax Highlighting (configurable styling) and syntax error reporting.
    • Folding, bracket matching.
    • Content Outline and Quick-Outline. (Ctrl-O)
    • Find Definition (aka Open Definition, Reference Resolving), with editor hyperlinks. (F3)
      • Can only resolve non-qualified named references, or qualified named references whose segments are all names, but not qualified references with expression root qualifiers, like func in (new Foo()).func().
      • Can not distinguish between function or template overloads.
    • Content Assist (aka Code Completion, Intellisense). Resolves references to symbols, has same capabilities as Reference Resolving (pic1, pic2, pic-defunits).
    • DDoc rich-viewer hovers (pic). (F2 or mouse hover)
    • </ul>
    • Semantic Search
      • Open-Type dialog (pic). (Ctrl-Shift-T)
      • Search for definitions based on a text pattern. (Ctrl-H)
      • Search for all references to a given definition (pic). (Ctrl-Shift-G)
    • Semi-Integrated builder support (automatically generates a response file from DDT project settings, to be used by an external builder).
    • Basic launch support (Can automatically create a launch configuration for the configured executable build artifact).
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