Eclipse的Go插件 goclipse

jopen 11年前

goeclipse 是基于 Eclipse 的 Google Go 语言的开发插件。

  • Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Managed project which includes the automatic building of files
    • your files with main functions go into the cmd folder
    • all other src falls under the pkg folder
  • Run configuration support
  • Experimental debug support, has major limitations:
    • does not handle command line parameters correctly
    • Only displays local variables, but you can use the console to interact directly with GDB
    • must set GDB path in Go->Debug preferences
  • Error reporting within Eclipse
  • Shows documentation with content assist
  • Now delivered with content assist via Gocode for Windows, OS X 64bit, and Linux 64bit.
    • All others must build gocode and install into Go/bin directory.