jQuery的UI组件 Angular JS

fmms 8年前

AngularJS 是一组用来开发Web页面的丰富UI组件。它支持整个开发进程,提供web应用的架构,无需进行手工DOM操作。 AngularJS很小,只有60K,兼容主流浏览器,与 jQuery 配合良好。

Declarative UI Templates
HTML is already a good templating language; angular makes it better. Preview your UI in your favorite HTML editor.
Two-Way Data Binding
With angular, the view and data model are always in sync — there is no need for manual DOM manipulation.
Angular supports the entire development process, provides structure for your web apps, and works with the best JS libraries.
MVC with Dependency Injection
Separation of concerns, loose coupling, and inversion of control — all the good stuff for testable and maintainable code.

Web的UI组件 Angular JS