Jetty 的Eclipse 插件 Jetty Launcher

jopen 12年前
     <p>Jetty Servlet容器的Eclipse支持插件,通过该插件可以直接在Eclipse环境中启动、停止 Jetty ,同时进行在线调试而无需重启服务。</p>    <ul>     <li>Run and Debug Java Web applications directly within the Eclipse workbench (without the need to export a war file).</li>     <li>Get apps running quickly using built in configuration options; or</li>     <li>Retain complete control of your Jetty environment by using Jetty XML configurations</li>     <li>Support includes Jetty 5 and JettyPlus</li>     <li>Optional 3rd Party plug-in intergration makes it easy to profile your web applications (see documentation). </li>    </ul>    <p><img style="width:657px;height:565px;" alt="Jetty 的Eclipse 插件 Jetty Launcher" src="" /><br /> <br /> </p>    <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>