Eclipse正则表达式插件 Regex Util

jopen 12年前
     <div id="p_fullcontent" class="detail">     <p>一个Eclipse插件用于测试/编辑正则表达式(java.util.regex)。它有以下特性:</p>     <ul id="features">      <li>Full highlighting of regular expression syntax for an easy visual clue<br /> (including bracket matching, ; error detecting) </li>      <li>Tooltips will be shown when the mouse is over a part of the regex.   </li>      <li>Evaluates your regular expression while you are typing; </li>      <li>4 distinct match modes:       <ul>        <li>Find a sequence of characters ;</li>        <li>Match a complete text , ; </li>        <li>Split text (see java.lang.String.split(String regex)) ; </li>        <li>Replace ;</li>       </ul> </li>      <li>Support for pattern flags (e.g. Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE, Pattern.DOTALL, ...);</li>      <li>Generation of java source string literals based on the regexp, (escape slash, e.g. "\(x\)" becomes "\\(x\\)") </li>      <li>Synchronized selection of regular expression and text: Just select part of the regexp to see which part of the text is matched by this part. . </li>     </ul>     <p><img alt="Eclipse正则表达式插件 Regex Util" src="" width="681" height="245" /></p>     <p>安装地址:<strong></strong></p>     <p>该工具同时也提供其他开发环境下的插件。<br /> <br /> </p>     <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>    </div>