PHP分页类 Zebra_Pagination

fmms 8年前
     <p>Zebra_Pagination 是一个通用的 PHP 类,用来根据记录数和每页显示数自动生成分页链接。</p>    <p>示例代码:</p>    <pre class="brush:php; toolbar: true; auto-links: false;"><?php // let's paginate data from an array... $countries = array(     // array of countries );  // how many records should be displayed on a page? $records_per_page = 10;  // include the pagination class require 'path/to/Zebra_Pagination.php';  // instantiate the pagination object $pagination = new Zebra_Pagination();  // the number of total records is the number of records in the array $pagination->records(count($countries));  // records per page $pagination->records_per_page($records_per_page);  // here's the magick: we need to display *only* the records for the current page $countries = array_slice(     $countries,     (($pagination->get_page() - 1) * $records_per_page),     $records_per_page );  ?>  <table>      <tr><th>Country</th></tr>      <?php foreach ($countries as $index => $country):?>      <tr<?php echo $index % 2 ? ' class="even"' : '')?>>         <td><?php echo $country?></td>     </tr>      <?php endforeach?>  </table>  <?php  // render the pagination links $pagination->render();  ?></pre>    <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>    <p></p>