XML-RPC的一个Java实现 - Apache XMLRPC

webphp 10年前
     Apache XMLRPC 是 XMLRPC 的一个 Java 实现。一种流行的协议,它使用XML通过HTTP来实现远程方法调用。    <ul>     <li>All primitive Java types are supported, including long, byte, short, and double.</li>     <li>Calendar objects are supported. In particular, timezone settings, and milliseconds may be sent.</li>     <li>DOM nodes, or JAXB objects, can be transmitted. So are objects implementing the java.io.Serializable interface.</li>     <li>Both server and client can operate in a streaming mode, which preserves resources much better than the default mode, which is based on large internal byte arrays.</li>    </ul>    <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="http://www.open-open.com/lib/view/home/1326548947155" target="_blank">http://www.open-open.com/lib/view/home/1326548947155</a></p>