jopen 11年前
     <p>JVOIPLIB 是一个面向对象的 VoIP 库,采用 C++ 编写。</p>    <ul>     <li>Easy <span class="wikiword">VoIP</span> session creation and destruction. </li>     <li>Highly configurable sessions: sampling rate, sample interval, compression type, ... can all be selected by the user. These features can also be changed during a session. </li>     <li>Openness and extensibility: the object-oriented nature of the library makes it very easy to add features; new components can easily be tested by registering them as 'User Defined' modules. </li>     <li>Support for 3D effects: for my thesis I also did some research and development about <span class="wikiword">VoIP</span> in networked virtual environments, which included adding 3D effects to sound. For this reason, I've added this feature to the library. </li>    </ul>    <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="http://www.open-open.com/lib/view/home/1326382148233" target="_blank">http://www.open-open.com/lib/view/home/1326382148233</a></p>