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openkk 11年前
     <div id="p_fullcontent" class="detail">     <p><img title="Android示例程序 apps-for-android" border="0" alt="Android示例程序 apps-for-android" src="" width="55" height="55" /><br /> 这是一组很有用的开源的 Android 示例程序,用于演示 Android 平台的各种特性:</p>     <ul>      <li><strong>Amazed</strong>: A simple but addictive accelerometer-based marble-guidance game. </li>      <li><strong>AndroidGlobalTime</strong>: a full representation of the Earth that you can spin around. </li>      <li><strong>AnyCut</strong>: A utility that lets users create Home screen shortcuts to nearly anything in the system. </li>      <li><strong>Clickin2DaBeat</strong>: A game that mashes up 油Tube with custom rhythm-game logic. </li>      <li><strong>DivideAndConquer</strong>: a game in which you must isolate bouncing balls by creating walls around them. </li>      <li><strong>HeightMapProfiler</strong>: A simple 3D performance testing tool that renders a 3D height map. </li>      <li><strong>LOLcat Builder</strong>: O HAI. I CN HAS CHEEZBURGER?! IM N UR PHONE, CAPTIONIN UR PHOTOS. </li>      <li><strong>Panoramio</strong>: An app that shows you nearby photos and points of interest. </li>      <li><strong>Photostream</strong>: An app that lets you view photostreams from online photo-hosting services. </li>      <li><strong>Radar</strong>: A radar-style relative location display view, used by Panoramio and others. </li>      <li><strong>RingsExtended</strong>: A utility that provides enhanced control over ringtones. </li>      <li><strong>Samples</strong>: Miscellaneous examples showing features of the Android platform (among which OpenGL ES). </li>      <li><strong>SpriteMethodTest</strong>: An application that compares the speed of various 2D sprite drawing methods. </li>      <li><strong>Translate</strong>: Translates more than 150 language pairs with Google's translation service. </li>      <li><strong>WebViewDemo</strong>: How Java and JavaScript can call each other inside a WebView. </li>      <li><strong>WikiNotes</strong>: A wiki note pad that uses intents to navigate to wiki words and other rich content stored in the notes. <br /> </li>     </ul>     <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>    </div>