BI OLAP-ISH 解决方案 HBase-Lattice

openkk 9年前
     <p>HBase-Lattice是一个尝试提供基于HBase的BI OLAP-ISH的解决方案,主要目标是查询时的实时SLAs,查询事实信息的低延迟(通过并行MapReduce的增量编译器来实现),强调时间序列的数据。</p>    <p>和OLAP的一样,它有事实,度量,维度和维度层次的概念。数据查询支持:1.声明式查询API 2.简单的select-like查询语言。</p>    <p>HBase-Lattice is an attempt to provide HBase-based BI "OLAP-ish" solution with primary goals of real time SLAs for queries, low latency of facts becoming available for query by means of parallelizable MapReduce incremental compiler, and emphasis on Time Series data.</p>    <p>Like OLAP, it has concepts of facts, measures, dimensions and dimension hierarchies. Data query is supported by means of 1) declarative query api or 2) simple select-like query language.<br /> <br /> </p>    <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>