Java的URL映射类库 jurlmap

fmms 9年前
     <p><img title="jurlmap_logo.png" border="0" alt="jurlmap_logo.png" src="" width="120" height="42" /><br /> jurlmap是一个Java类库,能够让你的Web应用程序拥有简洁,类似于REST的URL。</p>    <p>主要特点:</p>    <p>1. URL参数能够直接绑定至Bean的属性或方法的参数。<br /> 2. 配置直接采用Java编码或注释,不需要额外配置文件。<br /> 3. URL映射匹配规则简单。<br /> 4. 能够很方便集成到Web应用程序中,只要将jurlmap提供的过滤器 Filter加到项目就可以。</p>    <p>URL 配置方法:</p>    <pre class="brush:java; toolbar: true; auto-links: false;">protected void configure() {     // In this pattern $ means a string, which when matched      // is bound to parameter `Username` and control forwarded to profile.jsp     // Parameter will be accessible via request.getParameter()     forward("/profile.jsp", "/profile/$Username");      // Here % means integer pattern and * means until end of the pattern.     // Binds integers to parameter ArticleId and forwards to article.jsp     forward("/article.jsp", "/article/%ArticleId/*");      // When matched will send a redirect back to browser and parameters     // are appended to query string so in this case the target will     // be `/servlets/profileservlet?Username=...`     redirect("/servlets/profileservlet", "/member/$Username");       // On match creates an instanc eof LoginPage and calls it's service method     // LoginPage class implements com.pagegoblin.jurlmap.Page.     // If it is annotated with a @Deploy(url) annotation     // the we don't need to pass a url to the deploy method.     // In this case parameters are bound to bean properties or fields      // of the newly created LoginPage instance.     deploy(LoginPage.class); }</pre>    <p><strong>项目主页:</strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>    <p></p>