How to pay tips

Hotel workers depend on tips to augment their usually small salaries. Rather than being annoyed a...
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最近,科学家公布了幸福长寿的十大秘诀。这其中甚至包括沐日光浴、饮酒和吃巧克力。科学家们对近50年来发表的“长寿”医学研究进行了搜集和整理,最终列出了这十大长寿秘诀。 The first rule...
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面试英语自我介绍的常用词汇 part-time job: 兼职工作 full-time: 全职 position / vacancy: 职位,空缺 manager: 经理 director: 主...
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lecture in morning

As you slowly open your eye, look around, notice where the light comes into your room; listen car...
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Greet sb.

口语中常见的 9 种与别人打招呼用语 - 商务会议 1 . Hello. (Hi.) 你好。 注释:这是比较随意的一种说法,通常用于熟人之间。 2. How are you? 你好。 注释:较正...
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Interview English

英文自我介绍荟萃 Sample1: My name is ________. I  graduate from ________ senior high school and major in ...
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lecture in night for encouragement

夜晚励志演讲完整版 As you lie down in your bed , close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath and hold it...
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Interview English

英语面试实战指南 I : Interviewer( 面试者 ) A : Applicant( 求职者 ) 介绍教育背景:简明扼要,实话实说 ① I : What is your major ﹖ ...
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ps cs5

1330-1730-0041-7458-1356-1653 1330-1192-4563-0046-2630-6309 1330-1504-1059-5545-5815-0056 1330-12...
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English note

it's a normal day,I have nothing to do.
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an happy day

this is  a wonderful day.
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