JNI编程中jstring 转换到CString

//jstring 转换到CString  CString jstringToCString(JNIEnv *m_penv,jstring jnistr)  {        //      We modified in this function because we founf if the length is of two chars        //      it add a rubish char concatenated at the end of the string          CString            dummyCString, retCString;        jsize            istringlength;          jboolean isCopy = JNI_TRUE;        const jchar *pChar = m_penv->GetStringChars(jnistr,&isCopy);          istringlength = m_penv->GetStringLength(jnistr);          dummyCString = (BSTR) pChar;                retCString = dummyCString.Mid(0, istringlength);          m_penv->ReleaseStringChars(jnistr,pChar);                return retCString;  }