Revolver.js – 利用 jQuery/MooTools创建高度可定制的 Content Sliders

There are many beautiful content sliders out there which can be easily integrated into web pages where most of them come with a default design and functionality.

If you want to create a completely custom one, Revolver.js,a boilerplate for customizable sliders is a good fit.

Revolver.js is a jQuery and MooTools plugin with an API covering the most common slider functions.


Almost any markup can be used for sliders, their designs are under control with CSS and the API is flexible enough to manage it in any desired way.

There are various transitions types to choose from, functions exist for browsing items (first, last, next, etc.) and callbacks are offered for each event.

The resource is very easy-to-use, documented in detail and has a small footprint (~4.5kb minified).