Electron v1.4.14 发布,JavaScript桌面应用开发库

摘要:Electron 可以让你使用纯 JavaScript 调用丰富的原生 APIs 来创造桌面应用。


Electron 可以让你使用纯 JavaScript 调用丰富的原生 APIs 来创造桌面应用。你可以把它看作是专注于桌面应用而不是 web 服务器的,io.js 的一个变体。


  • Fixed a crash when closing a window from within a will-navigate event listener. #8254
  • Offscreen windows are now always created as frameless so the viewport size is as expected. #8250
  • The backgroundThrottling option is now correctly persisted across window reloads. #8298
  • The Cookie header is now settable on requests made using Electron's net module. #8258
  • Fixed a stack overflow error when creating a window with cycles in the specified options object. #8340
  • Fixed an issue where the session.enableNetworkEmulation API would lead to high CPU usage. #8371
  • Fixed a crash when the OS reported no monitors were available. #8249
  • Fixed a crash when closing a window from within a dialog callback. #8252
  • Fixed an issue where the window would be incorrectly placed behind the task bar when maximized.#7765
  • The defaultFontFamily option in the BrowserWindow constructor now supports setting the defaultcursive and fantasy fonts. #8295
  • Added a normalizeAccessKeys option to the dialog.showMessageBox API that normalizes keyboard accelerator keys used for buttons across platforms. #8308
  • window.alert and window.confirm are now supported in <iframe> tags and sandboxed windows.#8341