nrf24l01芯片资料英文 文档

nRF24L01 is a single chip radio transceiver for the world wide 2.4 - 2.5 GHz ISMband. The transceiver consists of a fully integrated frequency synthesizer, a poweramplifier, a crystal oscillator, a demodulator, modulator and Enhanced ShockBurst™protocol engine. Output power, frequency channels, and protocol setup are easilyprogrammable through a SPI interface. Current consumption is very low, only 9.0mAat an output power of -6dBm and 12.3mA in RX mode. Built-in Power Down andStandby modes makes power saving easily realizable.

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nrf24l01功能使用文档 文档

NRF24L01 是 NORDIC 公司最近生产的一款无线通信通信芯片,采用 FSK 调制,内部集成 NORDIC 自己的 Enhanced Short Burst 协议。可以实现点对点或是 1 对 6 的无线通信。无线通信速度可以达到 2M(bps)。NORDIC 公司提供通信模块的 GERBER 文件,可以直接加工生产。嵌入式工程师或是单片机爱好者只需要为单片机系统预留 5 个 GPIO,1 个中断输入引脚,就可以很容易实现无线通信的功能,非常适合用来为 MCU 系统构建无线通信功能。

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