《iOS编程实战》(前言+目录+前两章) 文档


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iOS 8人机界面指南(一):UI设计基础 文档

iOS 的革新关键词如下:  遵从:UI能够更好地帮助用户理解内容并与之互动,但却不会分散用户对内容本身的 注意力。  清晰:各种大小的文字应该易读,图标应该醒目,去除多余的修饰,突出重点,很好 地突显了设计理念。  深度:视觉的层次和生动的交互动作会赋予UI新的活力,不但帮助用户更好理解新 UI的操作并让用户在使用过程中感到惊喜。

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iOS 高级编程试读 文档

iOS 系统随着 iOS 设备在全世界的热销, 这些年一直是手机市场的宠儿, 凭借其操作 简便、 体验流畅和性能强大等特点, 自诞生以来就受到全球各地人们的追捧。 iOS 编程是 基于简单强悍的 Objective-C 语言, 不需要 C、 C++和 Java 语言深厚的功底, 就可以开发出 优秀的 iOS 应用。 而且, 凭借 Xcode 开发环境及相关工具, 初学者可以毫不费力地搭建起 iOS 的应用框架, 迅速实现产品的原型, 甚至可以很快转化为可以发布到 App Store 上的应 用, 造就了非常多的财富神话。

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Programming iOS 7, 4th Edition 文档

This book is geared to iOS 7 and Xcode 5. In general, only very minimal attention is given to earlier versions of iOS and Xcode. It is not my intention to embrace in this book any detailed knowledge about earlier versions of the software, which is, after all, readily and compendiously available in my earlier books. There are, nevertheless, a few words of advice about backward compatibility, and now and then I will call out a particularly noteworthy change from earlier versions.

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Appreneur Secrets to Success in the App Store 文档

This book contains tips, tricks, secrets, and stories from top developers, appreneurs, and companies from around the globe. The experiences presented here are those of real-life professionals, ranging from single-team developers to the big boys in the Fortune 500. After reading this book, you will be equipped to bring your idea to life, market it, promote it, and sell it. You will know exactly what to do to make sure your app stands out from among the more than one million apps available. Before now, a book that revealed the secrets of success in the App Store was nonexistent. With this book, you have the wisdom of some of the best appreneurs in the country right in the palm of your hand.

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iOS 7 by Tutorials 2013 文档

This is our third book in the iOS by Tutorials series. We started with iOS 5 by Tutorials back in 2011, and the book was so popular that we’ve made a book for the new APIs of each major iOS version ever since. It’s been quite a ride! Each year, we aim to take a critical look at what we did the previous year and determine what we can do better. This year, we decided to increase our focus on three aspects: design, engagement, and practice.

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iphone应用程序发布步骤 文档

phone应用程序发布步骤 发布应用程序与联机调试的过程在同一台mac 系统上进行,需要安装xcode。 发布应用程序有些东西依赖调试过程中生成的key。

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iOS SDK Programming A Beginners Guide 文档

Essential skills - made easy! Develop, test, and debug iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch applications with help from this practical resource. "iOS SDK Programming: A Beginner's Guide" shows you how to use Objective-C and Apple's new Xcode 4 development environment with an integrated, easy-to-use Interface Builder. You'll learn which UIView subclasses to use when laying out an iOS app and master all of the iOS user interface controls. Setting application preferences and storing application data are also covered. The book explains how to integrate multimedia into your apps and develop universal apps that run on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You'll learn how to take advantage of the iPad's larger display and the new features of iOS 4.2

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IOS Native Unity3D Plugin 文档

plugin provides the easy and flexible functionality of IOS native functions which are not available from Unity, including Game Center, in-app purchases, & native alerts and events.

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精通iOS开发 第六讲 高级UI控件-表视图 文档

主要知识点 UI高级控件表视图 表视图控制器关于表视图 iOS中很多应用都使用了表视图,表视图可以分为: 无格式表视图 分段(Sections)表视图,而分段表视图又分为: 普通分段表视图 分组分段表视图 索引分段表视图

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精通iOS开发 第二讲 iOS UI设计基础 文档

主要知识点 增强版Hello World  MVC设计模式 输出口和动作 键盘输入 等待有关控件 屏幕旋转实例代码:HelloWorld-1增强版HelloWorld

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App Distribution Quick Start 文档

This quick start gets you started code signing and provisioning an app that you eventually submit to the App Store or Mac App Store. Even when you launch your app through Xcode for early testing, your app must be provisioned and code signed to run on an iOS device (an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) and to use certain app services such as iCloud storage, Game Center, and In-App Purchase.

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Teach Yourself iOS 7 in 24 Hours (5th Edition) 文档

When you pick up an iOS device and use it, you feel connected. Whether it be an iPad Air, an iPhone, or an iPod, the interface acts as an extension to your fingers; it is smooth, comfortable, and invites exploration. Other competing devices offer similar features, and even sport gadgets such as styluses and trackpads, but they cannot match the user experience that is iOS.

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ASIHttpRequest中文文档 文档


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iOS分层架构设计 文档


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  IOS编码规范 文档


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iOS 7 Programming Pushing the Limits 文档

Developing Extraordinary Mobile Apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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Bee 开发者手册 文档

{Bee} 介于 Native 与 Web 两者之间,致力于解决 App 开发的效率问 题,希望能够从技术上真正打破现状。区别于 Hybrid 开发思想,我们 为开发者提供了更好的与 Native 开发结合的方式,是一种保留 Web 前 端开发优势的混合型开发技术,一边采用高集成度的 Native 框架完成 逻辑及存储部分,一边用优化后的 Web 前端框架来完成界面部分。

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让不懂编程的人爱上iPhone开发 文档

在我们的教程中,不会也不可能教你学习所有和iPhone,iPad开发的知识。iOS SDK(开发工具包)非常庞大,除了苹果的官方技术文档,市面上没有任何一个教材可以涵盖iOS开发的全部内容。我们只会教你了解Objective-C和iOS开发所需具备的核心基础。一旦你掌握了建筑技术,可以自己去探索iOS开发的其它细节。

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iOS 5 Core Image 教程 文档

Core Image是一个强大的框架(framework),可以帮助你很容易的运用图像滤镜,比如修改饱和度, 色调,或曝光。它能迅速的使用 GPU 图形处理器(或 CPU,由用户决定)来处理图像数据,快到能实时的处理视频帧。<br>Core Image滤镜能够一次给图像或视频帧叠加运用多种效果,当多个滤镜叠加处理起来仍然是有效率的,因为它们创建了一个单独的可修改的滤镜应用到图像中去,而不是每个滤镜一个个来处理图像。

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