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Scala v. Clojure David Pollak QCon Beijing 2015 About @dpp Founded Lift, Scala since 2006 Wrote Commercial Spreadsheets (3) Brick Alloy: We Solve Hard Problems Clojure & Scala My Opinion and Perspective
 抛砖引⽟ Much is Likely Factually Incorrect I’m a Stupid Bastard — 笨蛋 Scala is my “Go To” Language “The food is terrible” “And such small portions, too.” History of a language Slut NextStep (ObjC & C++) ’90-’96 Java ’96-’01 C# ’02-’03 Ruby ’04-’06 Scala ’06-Now Clojure ’13-Now Overview Clojure Scala Philosophy Scala Better than Java Better Theoretical Underpinnings “We’re smarter” Clojure Gluing together bits of excellence Well considered Rhymin’ & Stealin’ Opinionation Scala OO or FP or… Mutability, Immutability… eh… But Types!!! Clojure State goes here! Smaller, simpler is better To o l i ng Scala: Mostly Crap SBT - mule vomit Eclipse - 8 years of not working IntelliJ - Pretty good with 2GB Clojure: Nice for a niche language Lein - Easy to use, works REPL - Yep Vim & Emacs & Cursive - All very nice Documentation Scala Excellent core library docs Akka well documented Lift: Sucks rubber donkey lungs Clojure Core: Very Lift-like documentation Horrible to navigate But nice READMEs on most GitHub projects 雞看不見雞背脊 Stability Scala Version Fragility Language & Library Instability Compiler & Library Bugs Clojure Libraries “Just Work” Stable ScalaC Unbelievably Slow: 
 21K LoC 138 seconds Batch Development Horrid type inference Implicits An interesting idea In all OO languages Complete failure Clojure Gripes One error at a time compiler Stack Traces!!!! When compiling Lame Clojure/ClojureScript 
 co-projects — Getting better Other Thoughts Transducers v. Scala 2.8+ Collections Protocols v. Type Classes Scala doesn’t support java.util.* Ecosystem TypeSafe v. Cognitect Akka v. core.async Lift v. pieces-parts Maturity Clojure owns this Te c h n i cally Community-wise Static vs. Dynamic Dynamic OO is Hell (for me) FP Dynamic:
 Smaller footprint of errors Still love Scala for refactoring large codebases Easier to “see” complex data in Scala Easier to navigate complex data in Clojure Data Predictability How predictable is the shape of your data? That’s how well you can “reason” about your code with a type system Greenspun’s 10th Any sufficiently complicated C or Fortran program contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug- ridden, slow implementation of half of Common Lisp. @dpp’s 11th And any sufficiently complicated Lisp program contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of a type system Perspective Clojure is about Data Scala is about Types Java is about Objects How Many Semantics? Clojure: S-expressions Scala: Classes and Types Java: Objects and Annotations and XML++ and … Future (My Prediction) Neither Scala nor Clojure will replace Java! Excellent “Systems” Languages: Spark, Storm, etc. Excellent for focused pieces of a project EOF Thanks!




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