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语言 Star 名称 描述
Python318 evilsocket/pwnagotchi (⌐■_■) - Deep Reinforcement Learning vs WiFI
Shell158 getditto/rust-bitcode Rust toolchain for Xcode-compatible iOS bitcode
Rust35 raftario/licensor Write a license to standard output given its SPDX ID
HTML31 mrtzh/unbuch Simple pandoc setup to compile markdown into an html and pdf book
C++26 zhlynn/zsign Maybe is the most quickly codesign alternative for iOS12+ in the world, cross-platform ( Linux & macOS ), more features. sign!
C#23 mixandjam/MonumentValley-LevelDesign Recreating the Level Design from Monument Valley
Python21 schwifty42069/piptv A very simple Python IPTV client
PHP17 thephpleague/openapi-psr7-validator It validates PSR-7 messages (HTTP request/response) against OpenAPI specifications
Python16 alibaba-edu/simple-effective-text-matching-pytorch A pytorch implementation of the ACL2019 paper "Simple and Effective Text Matching with Richer Alignment Features".
Visual Basic15 Det-Kongelige-Bibliotek/KaptajnKaper Source Code of Peter Ole Frederiksens original Danish pirate game
Rust15 advancedresearch/tree_mem_sort An in-memory topological sort algorithm for trees based on Group Theory
R14 coolbutuseless/minihtml A package for building HTML documents in R (shiny compatible)
Java12 kbastani/sentiment-analysis-twitter-microservices-example A sample application that demonstrates how to build a graph processing platform to analyze sources of emotional influence on Twitter.
Go12 q3k/is-even A microservice to check whether a number is even.
Agda11 AndrasKovacs/universes Exploration of syntax, semantics of various type universe hierarchies
HTML10 vcheckzen/FODI Fast OneDrive Index,OneDrive 秒级列表程序
Objective-C10 cwwIT/DrawBoard NSUndoManager配合CALayer、UIBezierPath,制作的一个带撤退功能的画板。
Objective-C10 cwwIT/SGChartDemo 1.简单图表(折线图,柱状图)。 2.支持缩放和滑动功能。 2.单击/长按 显示详情框和定位线。 3.双击/缩放 隐藏详情框和定位线。
Haskell9 tsoding/louis Small library for braillizing images
C#9 thebookisclosed/ViVe C# library and console app for new feature control APIs coming in Windows 10 version 20H1
Java8 smuyyh/StickyHeaderRecyclerView RecyclerView 悬浮吸顶 Header,支持阴影、点击事件与状态绑定
Swift8 giftbott/MVVM-in-SwiftUI MVVM in SwiftUI (WWDC Player)
Swift8 KevinZhouRafael/Reed Reed is a download framework for Swift on iOS. It is many fetures, stability,fast, low coupling, easily extended. This downloader is used ActiveSQLite to persist datas.
TypeScript8 IgorMinar/ivy-lazy-load-component demo of lazy loading components with Ivy
Python8 evilAdan0s/CVE-2019-16097 CVE-2019-16097 PoC
PHP7 bitstudio-id/BITPaymentIntegrator Un-Official Payment Integrator (Midtrans, Doku, Kredivo) In One Laravel Package
Vue7 miss0401/vue-cb-turntable vue-cb-turntable
Java7 zhengqingya/code-generator 止步传统CRUD,进阶代码优化:一套基于Spring Boot+Vue+Shiro前后端分离的代码生成器
HTML7 shliang0603/Awesome-DeepLearning-500FAQ 深度学习500问,以问答形式对常用的概率知识、线性代数、机器学习、深度学习、计算机视觉等热点问题进行阐述,以帮助自己及有需要的读者。 全书分为18个章节,50余万字。声明:所有内容来自(仅供学习):
Go7 bloomberg/spire-tpm-plugin Provides agent and server plugins for SPIRE to allow TPM 2-based node attestation.
PHP6 0xB4D4SS/MortalKombat Mortal Kombat web-project for IS-21 group from UdSU
Java6 NightTeam/HttpSo AndServer+Service 打造 Android 服务器实现 so 文件调用
Swift6 cemolcay/JSONTableView Expandable JSON data viewer
Java6 apache/hadoop-submarine Apache hadoop Submarine
TypeScript6 52cik/parse-wechat-xml Parsing wechat XML data without using xml2js. (微信 XML 解析,非 xml2js)
Python6 9chu/GdbLuaExtension Gdb python extension for lua 5.3.
Go6 inversepath/armoryctl USB armory Mk II - hardware control tool
Go6 guiguan/caster Dead simple and performant message broadcaster (pubsub) for Go
Python6 LegendBegins/Overflow-Helper A script I made to automate basic buffer overflow exploitation as much as possible
TypeScript6 CatsMiaow/node-nestjs-structure Node.js framework NestJS project structure
Python5 Lorces/Climate_Modeling 研究生数学建模大赛气候预测模型题
Nim5 disruptek/atoz Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs in Nim
JavaScript5 nknorg/nkn-shell-daemon NKN shell daemon
JavaScript5 daniloab/mdx-deck-default mdx deck default
JavaScript5 bomberstudios/memesketch Memes in Sketch!
Python5 google/transperf a tool for testing transport protocol performance over emulated network scenarios
Vue5 lenawu43/MaxISP Maxnerva\IISD Internet service protal ,where you can manage your URL
Go5 q3k/is-odd A microservice to return whether a number is odd.
PHP4 Log1x/acf-composer Compose ACF Fields and Blocks with Sage 10 and ACF Builder
JavaScript4 go-on-the-way/mock-service 入门级mock服务器
AutoHotkey4 CHEF-KOCH/HWIDGEN-SRC HWIDGEN/kms38 source code (AutoHotKey)
C++4 DoubleLabyrinth/VisualAssist-keygen-demo A keygen-demo for Visual Assist X
C#4 Illedan/OpenRepo Utility tool to navigate between local repositories
Python4 dogsheep/genome-to-sqlite Import your genome into a SQLite database
CSS4 ddhaese/Web_Frameworks_I First part of Web Frameworks course (26543/1700/1920/1/00) at the Artesis Plantijn University College
CSS4 interplanaria/gridplanaria Distributed Bitcoin Data Grid
JavaScript4 minqukanq/extract-video-keyframe Extracts the keyframes in videos for processing/storage elsewhere.
PHP4 volandku/mod_extramenu Joomla Additional menu for backend
C++4 cleverdouble/MediaServer 基于ZLMediaKit封装的MediaServer,主要是将ZLMediaKit中的server抽离出来,方便基于server进行独立的开发及部署
JavaScript4 zcuric/hrt-ttx HRT Teletekst in iTerm2 on MacOS
Python4 OrangeGzY/SCUjwc 仅供学习!!!学习完就删了吧
JavaScript4 tomhschmidt/BARF A synthetic SF Bay Area REIT
Batchfile3 JonnyBanana/RoboKup Simple script in dos that automatically backs up all the main folders and profiles in Windows.
HTML3 lucas3414/python_web_framework 这是一个关于python的WebUI自动化测试的项目,之前用的是unittest测试框架,现在改成pytest测试框架,Python+PageObject+Pytest
Rust3 actions-rs/example Test Rust application with multiple example workflows enabled
TypeScript3 DigitalMolecules/vscode-servicebus-explorer Service Bus Explorer Extension for Visual Studio Code
Go3 klingtnet/toolbelt A work in progress collection of useful and often reimplented helper function in Go.
JavaScript3 knowBalpreet/json-to-es-mapping A web application to create and edit elasticsearch mappings from raw json on the go. Just copy and paste raw json and see the mappings. Edit them on live editor as per the use case, and just copy.
Python3 JohnTroony/HUAWEI_MOBILE_WIFI Crack Default Password for Huawei WPA WIFI. Password list size is about 860 MB.
Jupyter Notebook3 Andrew-Angrew/auto_differentiation_project_in_179 Учебный проект про системы автоматического дифференцирования в школе 179.
JavaScript3 ManoManoTech/serverless-plugin-tagsns A serverless plugin to tag SNS Topics on AWS
Perl3 guigolab/FA-nf Functional annotation pipeline for proteins from non-model organisms implemented in Nextflow
JavaScript3 joynal/pushservice Scalable web push service backend, written in node.js
C3 Kavawuvi/carnage-reporter Converts postgame carnage report screenshots into CSVs
TypeScript3 pwhuan/angular-element angular+element
JavaScript3 Lostmyname/react-skeletal-nav Build recursive navigation UIs with React
HTML3 entynetproject/socfish Social Fisher (SocFish) is a phishing tool, which allows people to get target's social network credentials using generated malicious link.
HTML3 kong-qi/kongqi_laravel_admin 快速laravel后台管理系统,集成了,图片上传,多图上传,批量Excel导入,批量插入,修改,添加,搜索,权限管理RBAC,验证码,插件一个综合完善后台,助你开发快人一步。
PHP3 CanGokdere/laravel-ignition My prefered project start architecture and packages for laravel applications
Python3 GeospatialPython/voronoi-py3 Voronoi module ported to Python 3
Python3 eugene/spngp :high_brightness: A Python implementation of a SPNGP (Sum-Product network with Gaussian Processes leafs) model (arXiv:1809.04400) :page_with_curl:
JavaScript3 trustee-wallet/trusteeWallet you can build your own trustee wallet, full source code of v1.0
C#3 unoplatform/workshops workshops, study guides and learning materials for the Uno Platform
C3 cjbrigato/ESProxmark32 ESP32Base Working client for BTaddon esp32
C++3 19-20-21/UDP-cam 基于物联网的视频系统
JavaScript3 zhaoyao91/react-bootstrap-easy-dialog React Bootstrap Dialog made easy
Go3 arsyun/go-filecoin-api-client filecoin api by golang
HTML3 JadeMaveric/CollegeVenturers C-Codes Inspirathon Project
Rust3 Kixunil/btc-rpc-proxy Finer-grained permission management for bitcoind.
Python3 xyele/rapid7sub Subdomain enumeration with Rapid7 FDNS using AWS Athena&S3
C++3 zmbilx/PEInfo 用于读取指定PE文件相关信息
TypeScript3 0xflotus/jsonbox-node A node wrapper for
TypeScript3 neoskop/dockerfile.js Write configurable, scriptable, reusable dockerfiles in Typescript or plain Javascript.
Go3 izumin5210/redisync Synchronization primitives with Redis
Jupyter Notebook3 yzh1994414/Tianyicup-IntelligentEducation 1st Place Solution for Tianyicup-Intelligent Education
Python3 FocusThen/ Selenium - Web - Scraper
Perl3 geektcp/slowloris slowloris for Java tool
JavaScript3 qiuwenwu/mm_node 这是超级美眉基于nodeJS和Koa开发的服务端框架,可用于中小型商城和游戏、CMS
Python3 zhujisheng/learn_python Python应用实战
C#3 UWPCommunity/UWP-Visual-Asset-Generator A project to develop an easy to use visual asset tool for UWP projects
Go2 rafaeleupinheiro/programming-on-go Introduction Examples - Programming on Go
JavaScript2 SilvaQ/react-antd-reference 基于react+antd+react-router+redux搭建的,项目常用组件封装的项目,有利于快速拷贝过去使用
JavaScript2 Zahra-Zein/pwa files for make pwa for a sire
JavaScript2 Drawbotics/use-screen-size Small utility hook to get the size of the screen matching media queries
JavaScript2 Zibx/MORJ Morj pulls
Dockerfile2 10up/wordpress-ci-container WordPress continuous integration Docker container with composer, NPM, and other common build tools for PHP projects
Vue2 planethouki/nem2-eth-atomic-swap catapult(private)-ethereum(ropsten) atomic swap simple web ui
R2 hefnerj1/macromorphoscopic Beta testing of MaMD Analytical
Python2 tebbythomas/Concurrently-Downloading-Online-Images Multi-Threading code using Python's ThreadPoolExecutor lib to download images concurrently
Makefile2 seletskiy/ebiten-android-minimal Minimal Ebiten-powered Android App —
JavaScript2 germanviscuso/deep-eye-skill Connecting an Alexa Skill to a DeepLens via AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service)
Python2 jiachen0212/2020- 剑指+leetcode
Yacc2 curiosaurus/LEX-AND-YACC-CALCULATOR Simple calculator in lex and yacc for UBUNTU
Java2 Ycatsoul/myoffice-project-group-d Myoffice_D
CSS2 coolmxl/vue-car demo
C++2 F0x1fy/toy-linkedlist Just for educational purposes. Not recommended for actual use.
Python2 chetan/git-restore-mtime-action A GitHub Workflow Action which restores timestamps of files in the current tree
C#2 ggeorgip/window-hider Hide or show multiple windows based on partial title match
Mathematica2 arnoudbuzing/wolfram-ansi-terminal Adds color to your Wolfram Language outputs in an ANSI capable terminal
Lua2 Draxis1000/cpe40032-m5-2 A Super Mario Bros. clone/2D Platformer game made in LOVE2D.
JavaScript2 Aliceco/react-saga-h5 react、react-router-dom、redux、react-redux、redux-saga、axios
JavaScript2 FrontendMetis/valid-url-utf8 Good validator of url with utf8 support
Python2 ultimatecoder/untwisting-twisted-workshop-code-examples This respository is a collection of code examples there were presented during a workshop.
C2 schuhumi/fbink-xdamage A xclient that listens for xdamage events and refreshes EPD using FBInk
CSS2 kaivin/hx-editor 小样式框架
MATLAB2 XingyuXie/Matrix-recovery-with-implicitly-low-rank-data The code for the paper "Matrix recovery with implicitly low-rank data"
JavaScript2 Aliceco/react-thunk-h5 使用react、redux、react-redux、react-router-dom、redux-thunk
Python2 Valuraise/sparkipy Framework for pyspark jobs
Shell2 mwthink/digitalocean-floating-ip-controller Keeps floating IPs assigned to your Kubernetes cluster
JavaScript2 froadus/gitmake Initialize github repository automatically
Go2 yanyuxuanz/tuisong 基于golang集成第三方推送(个推)实现服务端向客户端推送
JavaScript2 mapengXM/ github静态web托管
JavaScript2 shoestrong/build-i8n-lang-config 构建i18n中lang配置文件
Dockerfile2 Dong555/suctf_2019_pwn_playfmt suctf's playfmt dockerfile
JavaScript2 508lab/PcFramework It's very simple
JavaScript2 AliceCheney/WebPackDemo webpackdemo
Python2 FI18-Trainees/FISocketChat Basic server-based chat with sockets
HTML2 aindilis/nlu Performs Natural Language Understanding
HTML2 reprograma/T8-javascript-II T8 | Front-end | 2019 | Semana 7 | Javascript II
HTML2 CharlotteAneriksson/my-milestone2 Storytelling app for kids - interactivity and fun
Julia2 bicycle1885/Leiden.jl A Julia implementation of the Leiden algorithm for community detection.
Java2 tony4248/redshark RedShark的服务端,紧凑的游戏服务端,支持http(s)/websocket,事件/消息驱动,支持高并发,采用MongoDB,功能完善,部署简单。支持金币场,房卡,俱乐部三种模式
JavaScript2 huangxianxian/XiaomiStore 第一小组的小米商城
TypeScript2 codejamninja/git-sync-all keep all git repos in sync
Vue2 sriveros95/nuxt-service nuxt-service template project for OpenFaaS
Shell2 miracleyoo/initialize-server-script Scripts which aims to initialize and configure a linux system quickly. Mainly include update, zsh, oh-my-zsh, zsh plugins, python, and so on. Continue to update and welcome issues.
JavaScript2 solomonpadayattil/mongodb-mlab
JavaScript2 uetchy/hankogen 判子 Generator
PHP2 clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-poke Demo extension, feel free to fork
Java2 Prateek-Vortex/Phonebook It helps you to store contacts in your phone with the help of sqlite database.
PHP2 bdcrops/BDC_CacheType Creating a new cache type in Magento is as easy as doing the following
Rust2 madprops/clok Simple clock for the terminal
Go2 unixpickle/model3d Tools for creating and manipulating 3D models
Python2 wmetcalf/har2pcap Convert a Har to a PCAP.. Probably useful to like 4 people... Based on the fiddler2pcap
JavaScript2 brityank/greenpoint Project #3
Shell2 tobstera/tobstera Tobstera Programming Language
Python2 MyBules/DataMining 数据挖掘算法简介及python代码
Jupyter Notebook2 ImportMe/awesome_nlp_tools 整理常用的自然语言处理工具(包括Python接口),如Stanford NLP、NLTK、Spacy、NLPIR、Pyltp、HanLP、Jieba。 Collates commonly used natural language processing tools (including Python interfaces) such as Stanford NLP, NLTK, Spacy, NLPIR, Pyltp, HanLP, Jieba.
Java2 gitproject09/OnBoardingInroSample A simple OnBoarding Intro in android.
JavaScript2 karanpratapsingh/react-native-boilerplate React Native boilerplate which includes Redux, React-Navigation, Vector Icons and much more
PHP2 omegavesko/rancher-redeploy A simple CLI tool to make redeploying deployments on Rancher easier.
Jupyter Notebook2 gigadeplex/dlib-eos A demo showing how to use dlib and eos to fit a face mesh and project its 3d points as 2d on an image.
Python2 sherrycattt/bb_dl.pytorch Barzilai-Borwein-based Adaptive Learning Rate for Deep Learning
Jupyter Notebook2 B-C-WANG/CS286_MS cs286 molecular science group部分资料
C++2 lvusyy/esp8266RemoteControlPC 使用esp8266远程监控控制pc
Python2 karma0705/Codility Codility Program
C++2 desktop-app/lib_ton TonLib integration library.
Python2 lld533/Grid-Anchor-based-Image-Cropping-Pytorch Compatible with Python3 & PyTorch 1.0+ on Ubuntu
JavaScript2 southpolesteve/cosmos-emulator-github-action Github Action for Cosmos Emulator
JavaScript2 tony4248/rsadmin RedShark的平台的管理后台,完成对游戏平台的日常运行运行管理,报表分析的功能。包括无限级的代理分销管理,俱乐部管理。
Shell2 larryonline/mem_dagger Memory info detector
JavaScript2 Just4Ease/MongoLeon MongoDB Leon, a database command center from the browser. Web alternative to Studio3T and MondoDB Compass
Jupyter Notebook2 Ambika55/LeanIn-Machine-Learning-Circle-2019-20-IGDTUW Machine Learning and Data Science with Python Sessions!
PowerShell2 mitre/evals A CALDERA plugin
CSS2 btroncone/rxjs-starter RxJS starter project for RxJS Basics course on Ultimate Courses
Rust2 SergioBenitez/proc-macro2-diagnostics Diagnostics for stable and nightly proc-macros!
Python2 Godje/bysy Self-management time logging tool
Java2 ylgrgyq/reservoir A file-based FIFO with good performance for Java
PHP2 Rhilip/ipv6wry-php The Parser Library of ipv6wry.db in PHP
JavaScript2 yunionio/dashboard Web UI for OneCloud
C#2 CERTIVATION-GmbH/Blockchain_Ensured_Certificates_Verifier With the Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service, CERTIVATION offers educational institutions an independent platform to issue and manage forgery-proof certificates. The platform enables graduates not only to prove the authenticity of their data at any time without official certification, but also to share certificates directly. t the same time, companies can directly and reliably verify the authenticity of their applicants' certificates. The use of blockchain technology (decentralized data structure) makes subsequent manipulation of certificates impossible.
Python2 Droidtown/PyConTW2019 PyConTW2019 resources related to the talk "寫個漂亮又能幹的中文斷詞系統,然後讓它養我"
Jupyter Notebook2 TobbysGitHub/General-Artificial-Intelligence This provides a way to GAI
C2 geek1011/kobo-mods My Kobo mods which aren't patches.
PHP2 sharpleung/CTF-WAF 针对CTF线下赛的通用WAF,带流量转发,日志审计功能。
C#2 Hulkstd/Drop-the-beat Rhythm game with Unity
Java2 paulraysmile/dd_robot_alert dd_robot_alert/
C++2 CSWasaff/AGV XE401 AGV project code. Moriarity, Wasaff, Benden, Cox, McInturff, Coyle, Marcissin.
C#2 jeremytammik/JumpToPosition .NET C# Revit add-in setting view target and view direction to specified values
Crystal2 snekkylang/snekky The Snekky Programming Language
TypeScript2 petermikitsh/stencil-monorepo Example demoing two stencil components projects managed with lerna
Jupyter Notebook2 mwaugh0328/consumption_and_tradewar Code to reproduce aspects of "The Consumption Response to Trade Shocks: Evidence from the US-China Trade War"
HTML2 alicelouiserussell/gitnstarted Week 1 Class 2
PHP2 shintarosakata/laravel-repository Repository pattern in Laravel
JavaScript2 troila-mobile/mCloud-Design-Mobile daka-v8-ui view library
C#2 BY-C-2019/museum Museum övningen och exemplet
Python2 PMiskew/Year9DesignTeaching2020_PYTHON This holds sample programs with notes
C#1 hokage-mlg/EPAM_test This repository contains the tasks that I did for the EPAM test.
JavaScript1 Vehmloewff/nodejs-template A simple nodejs template for building packages and apps
JavaScript1 EdisonJuniorDesigner/Nubank-clone Clone do Nubank
TSQL1 FabricioLimaSolucoesEmBD/Script_SQLServer_Alerts This is a big project to share scripts to monitor SQL Server if you don't have a tool to do that
JavaScript1 Navicna/AppVixTour Get to know the application that will connect you with the city of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, owner of one of the most valuable postcards of Brazil! Then hit the back button and press our logo and embark on this tour of the city of Vix!
JavaScript1 paulmaszlik/tech-summit-2019 LEGO Tech Summit 2019 - Serverless on AWS example
C#1 hjp132/TemperatureConverter Temperature Converter Project
Java1 EragonKai/SCGen A seating chart generator intended for use by teachers.
JavaScript1 tophat/dont-waste-your-ducking-time :rooster: An opinionated guide on how to test Redux ducks
Python1 jdwidawski/plotly Plotly and other data sets training
JavaScript1 jakic12/yt-rec Build a graph from recursively getting recommended videos, making a interconnected network of videos
Jupyter Notebook1 rayiooo/python_datamining_rayiooo Data Mining 作业仓库。
TeX1 frougon/xcref Extension of cleveref for non-English languages
Jupyter Notebook1 mohammeddanishkhan/sample_online_clustering_numbers Implementation of Online Clustering algorithm
HTML1 yalingke/CompressPictures-by-canvas- 前端压缩图片后上传到服务器
Kotlin1 carloscj6/RevoAdapter Multitype Adapter for my own convenience
Objective-C1 DavidWangWang/ADAPIBaseManager DavidWangWang/ADAPIBaseManager
Python1 Blovesea/pyspider spider
HTML1 HonorYoung/SimpleBikeRentingSystem A simple bike renting system based on Java
HTML1 zhenglianghan/Professional-JavaScript-for-Web_Developers-Note JS高级程序设计笔记
Kotlin1 carloscj6/FabMenu Simple FAB Menu
C++1 thc0627/qf-xiangmu 千锋项目
Python1 t0mekk/TD-qrcode-generator QR code generator
JavaScript1 LiaPig/vue-round-turntable Vue中可配置的圆形转盘组件(适配移动端)
JavaScript1 dweidner/markdown-it-attribution Add attribution to your quotations
C#1 yaaaaa/Reloaded-Origins Lets Reload and Mix our lovely classic RTS games
Go1 CS-5/rsdga Really Simple Domain Generation Algorithm library
JavaScript1 collinbarrett/ghacks-user-overrides.js My personal user-overrides.js file for the ghacks-user.js for Firefox
Shell1 anasfanani/bash-youtube-downloader Usage : list.txt
Python1 LIShuLin0312/appium_sync appium并发群控
C1 Mocearan/c-primer-plus An exercise for c primer plus
Kotlin1 muhadif/change-data-fragment-activity Change fragment data from activity using livedata
CSS1 wangtiant/jqueryLoading 简易版loading(jq)
Vue1 lizhicaiS/nodejs-admin nodejs admin
Python1 striver13/ImageRetrieval_Demo This is an implementation of image retrieval system based on SIFT.
Python1 0daymaroon/quackmac_macchanger Contains a simple MAC address changer script coded by me in python3 using subprocess module.
Java1 gdut-yy/openjdk-jdk11 OpenJDK11 源码:
JavaScript1 YoRHa1998/learnCode Learning code
Shell1 zambroid/WebServerSecurityCheck Web Server Security Check for known vulnerabilities
JavaScript1 promo-fairfax/nitanmal NiTanMal
Jupyter Notebook1 VeeSot/flats Looking for flat
C++1 finnyang/ClassFactory This library provides a convenient way to manage the construction of sub-classes of interface classes.
PHP1 michielgerritsen/birthday-validation-example A simple module to verify someone's birthday
C1 pcmoore/misc-tboot Development repository of the upstream tboot project -
Rust1 mitchmindtree/hotlib Experimental crate for hotloading rust libraries by pointing to their Cargo.toml.
TypeScript1 jsonamit/Angular-download-data-excel download data in excel form in angular 6
JavaScript1 zhongkang0213/parabola parabola animation
Python1 skaranzx16/downloads_cleaner Very much a work in progress. A barebones (right now) script that looks through your downloads folder and copies the files to respective subfolders based on the file type.
C1 heiher/hev-socks5-forward a simple, lightweight socks5 client for TCP port mapping.
JavaScript1 15234477664/effect vue项目效果
CSS1 elessar41/lms-rust Simple learning management system written in rust
HTML1 pgmgent-mathdeme3/artevelde Graduaat programmeren!
Ruby1 Venafi/vcert-ruby !!!!This is work in progress!!!!
CSS1 Tengo17/Nod-Motors
HCL1 tranquilitybase-io/tb-gcp Tranquility Base - The cloud landing zone
C#1 tbd-friends/arbiter Simple Mediator demonstration
HTML1 Jac00000b/The404Project This GitHub repository save 404 page from website!
PHP1 wangke568/laravelDevelopmentTemplate laravel + swoole + adminlte 模板 效率开发项目
Java1 zd1471278687/image_extra_data 图片插入额外信息
Rust1 cuviper/eh Convert values to bool, kind of like C, eh?
MATLAB1 Ravindradhanapal/-Machine-larning-using-matlab classifiers- KNN, SVM, D-Tree, Ensemble, NBC
Java1 shijy16/GrandNews project for java lesson
C++1 idhamozi/Final-Project-Expedition Final Project dari Mata Kuliah Struktur Data dengan Studi Kasus Sistem Ekspedisi Pengiriman Barang dalam Bahasa Pemrograman C++
C#1 RPJack/WXFDemo 测试以及学习用代码,共享和发布;
C1 nemolc/data-structure data structure is implemented by c language
Jupyter Notebook1 qx0731/Reinforcement_learning_Alberta The Coursera RL series from University of Alberta - Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute.
Python1 pravesh172/Game ColorGess
Python1 yinty/python100day python自学ing
JavaScript1 renkun-cook/sortablejs 拖动插件
Swift1 RougeWare/Swift-SemVer A small Swift library that implements SemVer 2.0.0. This is designed to be simple to use and to easily fit into any Swift codebase.
Jupyter Notebook1 Iam-Abhishek-Arya/CIFAR10 It contains the model trained on CIFAR10 dataset using CNN
C#1 Thesura/ComplaintApi Rest Api for handling complains
Python1 lordbecerril/Runtime-Terror--ICPC-2019 Our teams preparation for ICPC SoCal Regional Coding Competition
C1 MacWyznawca/ADE7953_ESP8266 ESP8266 library for ADE7953 energy measurement chip i2c
HTML1 aleksandercie/landing-page Landing page
Dart1 JackJonson/flutter_sliding_up_panel A sliding up panel widget.
HTML1 deucer/data_visualization A playground for data visualization
Go1 1920853199/mysql-viewer Go 实现的带有Explain 以及 Profile 信息 的 Mysql 命令行客户端
C++1 c0ld574rf15h/sum_test subject 26 Korea University
JavaScript1 bixbydevelopers/capsule-sample-earthquake-finder This capsule demonstrates how to use advanced natural language training
Python1 melihTulek/myProjects Melihşah Tülek
Java1 Sunjinhang/Spring Simple Spring Demo
Dart1 UttamPanchasara/FlutterLoginUI Flutter Login-Registration UI with Sliding Animation.
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