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语言 Star 名称 描述
Java56 Tencent/TubeMQ TubeMQ focuses on high-performance storage and transmission of massive data in large data scenarios
JavaScript37 GoogleChromeLabs/wasm-feature-detect A small library (700B gzip’d) to detect which features of WebAssembly are supported in your current browser
C#30 padovah4ck/CVE-2019-1253 Poc for CVE-2019-1253
JavaScript22 ruanyf/github-actions-demo a demo of GitHub actions for a simple React App
Python20 ChenJoya/objnessdet Let's create a simple, efficient objectness branch to address the imbalance between foregrounds and backgrounds! Our technical report will be made public in as soon as possible :)
PHP18 humanmade/roles-to-taxonomy WordPress plugin to store user roles and levels in a taxonomy
R17 coolbutuseless/minicss Build CSS selectors, styles and stylesheets within R
Python16 wqx854987945/- Self-supervised stereo matching based on perceptual loss and cropping trick
C12 chrisd1100/cddNES Cycle accurate NES emulator written in C w/ Parsec SDK support.
Jupyter Notebook11 yutiansut/QASTRATEGY101 strategy 101 从今天开始 逐步开放101个基础策略的QA实现 包含5个大类
C11 lunasorcery/fake Another build system.
C#10 Diaonic/ProceduralMapGen A Unity2D or 3D procedural map generator using prefab nested objects.
Dart10 AppleEducate/moor_shared Shared SQLite DB across mobile, web and desktop
Python9 bcxmzbcxm/pc-protector-moe 护萌宝 战舰少女R挂机软件
Python9 CyberZHG/keras-lookahead Lookahead mechanism for optimizers in Keras.
JavaScript8 imdong/v2hx 世界本该和谐
Python8 Caselles/NeurIPS19-SBDRL Code for NeurIPS 2019 paper: "Symmetry-Based Disentangled Representation Learning requires Interaction with Environments" by H. Caselles-Dupré, M. Garcia-Ortiz and D. Filliat.
Jupyter Notebook7 nlp-zn/NLP-COURSE-LECTURE-1 relevant course contents and code about word2vector
Swift7 MarioIannotta/QuickLookFramework A quick look plugin to inspect Frameworks
Python7 deepvision-class/tools Student-facing utility scripts
JavaScript6 gajus/relative-date-names Dictionary for yesterday, today and tomorrow.
QMake6 sandroandrade/ifba-foss-experience IFBA FOSS Experience
TypeScript6 yottadev/relayable Relayable will make you learn Relay and GraphQL. Book in theory, web app in practice.
Java5 spring-tips/spring-cloud-load-balancer Hi Spring fans! In this installment we look at the new Spring Cloud Load Balancer abstraction.
Java5 zyl4265097/BaseNetLib 快速开发框架之网络封装
C++5 sgabe/CVE-2019-1253 AppXSvc Arbitrary File Security Descriptor Overwrite EoP
Java5 wangyinxiu/BaseDemo xiu
Rust5 rochacbruno/makectl Generates and Manages targets in your makefiles.
Vim script5 vigoux/LanguageTool.nvim An asynchronous grammar checker for Neovim
Java4 datastax/dynamo-cassandra-proxy Preview version of an open source tool that enables developers to run their AWS DynamoDB™ workloads on Apache Cassandra™. With the proxy, developers can run DynamoDB workloads outside of AWS (including on premises, other clouds, and in hybrid configurations).
CMake4 utilForever/conquer-the-spire Slay the Spire simulator using C++ with some reinforcement learning
Python4 hubtec/pypayments Unofficial library for make payments in Python
Python4 Sanix-Darker/zeus Let your code find available solutions for errors and exceptions directly in the CLI for you when their occur, no need open a Browser.
C++4 ktprime/emhash a very fast and memory efficient c++ flat hash map
Python4 chatopera/py-clause Python SDK for Clause, 语义理解服务
Jupyter Notebook4 Dheerajchauhan722/Text-Classification Text classification on 20newsgroups datasets which is categorise into 20 classes. Test_size used is 0.1 and project is also verified by naive bays classifier.
JavaScript4 vincentchu/ts-starter-kit Minimalistic Typescript starter project
Dart4 SiriDx/qrcode A flutter plugin for scanning QR codes. Use AVCaptureSession in iOS and zxing in Android.
Go4 louismax/wxpayv3 微信支付API V3 SDK for GO, 集成简单,支持公钥证书签名和验签,功能完善,持续更新中!
C#4 pCYSl5EDgo/UniUnsafeIO Unsafe IO Library for Unity NativeArray<T>
Python4 amandesai01/doubtguess This program will fetch data from about teachers, their courses, etc and then suggest appropriate teacher to solve doubt.
C#4 BeichenDream/WhetherMysqlSham 检测目标Mysql数据库是不是蜜罐
Go4 Leoid/MySQL-Injection-Exfiltration-Optimization MySQL Injection Exfoliation Optimization
C#4 BabiKoqi/Discord-Token-Terminator Terminates A Discord Token You Want
Kotlin4 Tristankluivert/Fonta Font library for android developers
Jupyter Notebook4 eaishwa/quora-insincere-ques-detection-XLNET XLNET model to detect insincere questions on Quora!!
TypeScript3 azu/beer-kentei ビール検定
JavaScript3 fengtuoyang/wechat-weapp 微信小程序--豆瓣电影--腾讯地图
PHP3 novius/laravel-nova-visual-composer Visual Composer for Laravel Nova
Python3 arghyadeep99/Sports-Highlights-Generator This project is aimed at obtaining highlights from the full match video, without using computer vision and NLP.
Java3 cansik/pointcloud-processing A point cloud visualisation and analysis library for Processing.
JavaScript3 TheCyberRonin/ase-web-viewer Web viewer for Aseprite files written in React.
JavaScript3 frogcat/teideninfo Scraping script & map viz for
Nim3 dariolah/libssh-nim LibSSH FFI bindings for Nim
TypeScript3 ghostg00/visual-zk zookeeper可视化客户端
JavaScript3 berat/pagination-react-hooks Pagination component prepared with React hooks. Load and use.
C++3 smallb/FuckFileMonitor FuckFileMonitor 将文件加密伪装成图片,可以通过IM工具发送图片来pass内网文件监控.
Objective-C3 struggleypl/BTCWalletDemo BTC钱包: 功能: 1、创建钱包 2、通过私钥导入钱包 3、通过助记词导入钱包 4、查询余额 5、查询交易记录 6、发起交易
CSS3 jsonmaur/advanced-form-management Lambda School - Guided Project for Advanced Form Management
Go3 DQNEO/gojvm JVM implementation by Go
TypeScript3 iCrawl/typescript-template TypeScript Template
Visual Basic3 mojontwins/EspitenenUndHerrPimponen Espitenen Und Herr Pimponen - a nice platformer for the NES
Java3 liukecai/leetcode leetcode coding
Jupyter Notebook3 Rachit-oo7/CIFAR10 A project involving image classification using CNN
Python3 M4cs/CharlaGUI Charlatano GUI for settings written in Python
C#3 wjs5943283/AwsS3Client AwsS3Client
Python3 ziqin/Gomoku-Debugger Desktop Debugger for CS303 (Artificial Intelligence) Gomoku Project / 和自己的五子棋 AI 一步步下棋
Python3 Rachit-oo7/Huffman-Coding Project implementing Huffman coding, to compress files
JavaScript3 HeavenVolkoff/keep-track Keep track of your clock-in and clock-outs from work
Dart3 kleberandrade/search-cep-aulas-flutter Código do aplicativo de consultar cep
PHP3 HashandSalt/kirby-recurr Plugin for listing recurring dates
TypeScript3 Half-Shot/matrix-keybase A matrix <-> keybase bridge
C#3 Aminator/UwpWithoutVisualStudio Samples for making UWP apps without the help of Visual Studio.
QML3 Miles629/wishbottles 武汉大学软件工程大一升大二的小学期实训作品,很遗憾拿了第二名。用QT quick实现的界面效果,本人负责的网络编程部分和统领全局hhhh,那个漂亮的界面是我npy做的哈哈。康康负责数据库mysql,千千做了星洞部分。
JavaScript3 WebReflection/mmdblookup A promise based spawn version of the mmdblookup utility
C#3 praeclarum/ImageRecognizer Uses Metal Performance Shaders on iOS 13+ to train a neural network to recognize shapes
C#3 HackYourJob/EventModelingWorkshop Lyon hotel cleanup
R3 snlab-ch/goldfish The goldfish package in R
Rust3 mrDIMAS/rg3d-sound Sound library for games
PHP3 Pierstoval/FakerOnline A small live implementation of `fzaninotto/faker`
Shell2 clouddrove/ansible-role-docker-jenkins This ansible role is used to install Jenkins with docker on server.
JavaScript2 yazhouZhang/js-sm2-sm3-sm4-sm9-zuc 包含sm2加解密 签名验证签名 sm3加密 sm4加解密
JavaScript2 NinjaKittayPK/PunBot PunishBot2.0
Jupyter Notebook2 PBrdng/Solving-Systems-of-Polynomial-Equations-in-Julia Material for the course "Numerical Algebraic Geometry in Julia" in the winter semester 2019 at FU Berlin.
JavaScript2 zhengquantao/vue-Kline 基于Vue的K线图组件
JavaScript2 macjohson/electron-umi-boilerplate electron+umi 模板
JavaScript2 linsicong003/DogGame A game about puppy dog
TypeScript2 isagul/ng-pagination-component The lightest and simplest solution for pagination in Angular.
JavaScript2 davtur19/DotGit A Firefox extension to check if .git is exposed in visited websites
Ruby2 adamhake/munkres Various implementations of the Munkres algorithm
Jupyter Notebook2 alex-lindt/machine_learning_2 Exercises for the course 'Machine Learning 2' at the University of Amsterdam.
C++2 BartosP/FingerprintAttendance Maturitní projekt, Patrik Bartoš
Swift2 jtayler/WeatherMan A test of swiftui
JavaScript2 rocketlaunchr/electron-alert SweetAlert2 for Electron applications
Go2 wzyonggege/logger A logger base on Zap
JavaScript2 whjin/vue-mall Vue构建电商网站
Python2 3pia/toptagging_cmspos Top Tagging Examples CMS POS
CSS2 vsoch/resource-explorer Select a resource or service based on filtering down criteria
HTML2 SpaceCRAFT-VR/multiuser For Creating Aggie Challenge Multiuser Simulations
Rust2 lo48576/priconne-fankit-dl Princess Connect Re:Dive fankits downloader
JavaScript2 trinhathu/gcal-auto-invite How to automatically send calendar invites on form submission.
JavaScript2 vitwit/SDKGen SDKGen is Javascript API SDK Code generator, based on json file generated for api docs by Swagger or Goland or optionally your own json file with any shape with transform function. It just requires a apidoc definition (swagger/godac style supported now) and it generates the Javascript SDK for you.
Nix2 gilligan/nix-neovim-nightly nix packaging of neovim-nightly
Vim script2 dominikduda/vim_timebox Simple vim-exit-surviving timer
Python2 glenrobson/iiif-jsonschema Prototype JSON Schema to validate IIIF 3.0 presentation assets
Java2 qingshanyuluo2000/spring 瞎搞搞spring
C2 asgr/Rfits Rfits stuff
JavaScript2 GifaEriyanto/reactism-grid Grid system for react.js project reference by bootstrap 4.
JavaScript2 Helias/segmentation-fault segmentation fault, university game jam
TypeScript2 ds-fga/web-exemplo Exemplo de aplicação Mithril + Spectre.css + Typescript + JSX + Parcel
PHP2 tiemeng/swoftIm 基于swoft+layim聊天系统
Go2 cugu/fslib A collection of tools and libraries to parse filesystems, archives and other data types.
C++2 dakyskye/prompts A C++ library for having fun with terminal prompts
Go2 glasnostic/af_xdp_test AF_XDP Test Environment - Running Inside Docker Network
Python2 Telariust/pollard-kangaroo Pollard, kangaroo method, solving discrete logarithm problem (DLP) using pseudorandom walks
Java2 diptikas/WeatherForecast This project is sample application which shows weather forecast information for any requested city, here it's integrated with APIXU api for more information on api details please visit APIXU[]
Python2 NimzyMaina/flask_kafka Flask Kafka consumer
Python2 Excali8ur/B1A07 Voorbeeld code voor B1A07
JavaScript2 benmarwick/Marwick-Nara-2019-lecture-4-rrtools-workshop View the slides here:
C2 Number571/AASM Abstract Assembler. Template version.
C2 GoodmanTao/OopC Object-oriented programming in C.
Java2 kumika/taobaoMall mall项目是一套电商系统,包括前台商城系统及后台管理系统,基于SpringBoot+MyBatis实现。
JavaScript2 fifsky/dingtalk-action Dingtalk robot message for github action
Python2 thefakhir/dict-config-parser A custom wrapper, written in python, for reading and writing ini files, using simple dictionaries.
JavaScript2 USPCodeLabSanca/dev-academy Projeto de desenvolvimento web da frente dev.boost() - Usp Code Lab de São Carlos.
PowerShell2 wormHole3001/passwordGen Password Generator Using Powershell
Jupyter Notebook2 AMIS-Services/20190912-data-analytics-timeseries Materials for the Conclusion & AMIS Machine Learning Guild - MeetUp on Data Analytics and Time Series
Jupyter Notebook2 Iam-Abhishek-Arya/GradientDescent This repository contains the projects implemented using gradient descent algorithm from scratch.
Python2 vbwagner/dyngo multiple dynamic dns client
CSS2 magnars/zombieclj-s2 Koden for andre sesong av Zombie CLJ.
JavaScript2 JSDurand/rewrite_bricks Rewrite the good old bricks game
HTML2 VishalPatnaik/AirlineReservationSystem-Tourism The Project Airline Reservation System (VOL EN AVION)/ Tourism is a software application is for Travelling, Booking, Hiring Tourist guides, Exploring tourist places, Providing Accessibility services, and to manage touring data. This also has a self-oriented Airport.
C2 tschak909/platotermnes PLATOTERM for Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)
C++2 xialuoke008/test 测试-使用
Rich Text Format2 jeremytammik/RevitSdkSamples Revit SDK Documentation and Samples
Jupyter Notebook2 RockyMountainDataScience/workshops This repo contains files for the fall 2019 workshops
Java2 zhw1998/ZHW3 javaweb网盘SSM
Elixir2 altenwald/zero Zero Card Game
JavaScript2 renwangyu/ez-vue-staging 基于webpack4,ts和vue的脚手架
TypeScript2 rapid7/insightappsec-azure-devops-extension Rapid7 InsightAppSec Extension for Azure DevOps
Go2 sypht-team/sypht-golang-client A Golang client for the Sypht API
CSS2 laksh15/lab7 E-Business Soft Technolgies Unit Lab 7 Task
C++2 kmc7468/DLCpp 딥러닝 with C++ 소스 코드
HTML2 Kikobeats/incidents Tracking your incidents over the time.
HTML2 dmdsite/dmdsite 2019.09. 1st Project : ejc(bootstrap), blockchain, dapp etc
C2 iwannay/ccc 编译器学习
Python2 S-Hak/S.Hak-Bug-Collect 整理漏洞,收集或编写POC(收集阶段)
Elixir2 MT2017045/elixirChatter Data fetch and retrieve structure in elixir for learning
JavaScript2 twintproject/twint-search Explore tweets gathered with Twint with faceted search
JavaScript2 samphilipd/todomvc-apprun Implementation of TodoMVC using apprunjs
C++2 BankSecurity/Red_Team Some scripts useful for red team activities
Python2 StepNeverStop/ConnectSix Connect six environment training for AI Bot
JavaScript2 inaki-ibarra/vscode-daily-notes A simple text-based journal extension for Visual Studio Code
JavaScript2 viniarruda/avec-workshop-react Created with CodeSandbox
Rust2 EcomDev/csrf-cookie-token-generator HTTP server written in rust that generates CSRF token on request and stores it in cookie
Jupyter Notebook2 S-Walrus/broken-binsearch Imagine a common binary search problem, but sometimes the game lies.
Java2 USNavalResearchLaboratory/xmpp-overlay XMPP Overlay (XO) decentralized/serverless chat
TypeScript2 atomist-blogs/ts-visualizer Studying the standards of TypeScript repositories on GitHub
Python2 fubel/stmodeling Code for the paper "Comparative Analysis of CNN-based Spatiotemporal Reasoning in Videos"
Python2 mailong25/bert-vietnamese-question-answering Vietnamese question answering system with BERT
Dart2 JonnyBorges/media_utils An easy helper class to flutter with many support formats. Suport local and web files.
Python2 xiaogp/track_sequence_anomaly_detection 由时间空间成对组成的轨迹序列,通过循环神经网络LSTM,自编码器Auto-Encoder,时空密度聚类ST-DBSCAN做异常检测
Objective-C2 oushizishu/ZSAssetOperator 操作系统相册, 创建相册, 存图片/视频到系统相册, 从自定义的相册里删除视频/图片
Python2 vetu11/TelegramBotTemplate A template to quickly create a Telegram bot on Python 3.
Java2 TinyBlack-Tong/6666 6
Cuda2 PureDiors/psdconv Perspective-aware Scale-deformable ConvNets
Python2 adam-baker/bork-bot discord bot powered by a bunch of AWS services for fun
CSS2 gillkyle/you-are-awesome and don't you forget it
Java2 Pl4yingNight/Spigot-Maven-Plugin-Tutorial This repository contains a basic template of a spigot (minecraft) plugin. Additionally it includes a Tutorial which explains the most important procedures and patterns you should use.
JavaScript1 zwtgit/webpack4-runtime template
JavaScript1 liorld/ dashboard kharna in
Perl1 ZeddYu/ReadFlag To solve some readflag situation in ctfs
JavaScript1 liorld/ dashboard
HTML1 Flicker-Fade/First-website Practice codes on development
C#1 Jablazr/lightblue-injector Lightblue Injector v0.1a
HTML1 sMichellin/github-slideshow A robot powered training repository :robot:
Shell1 jzamora5/holberton-system_engineering-devops Shell Basics Repository Holberton School
JavaScript1 KaylaLawson/Lawson_Overlook Mod 2 Final Project
Java1 fedebyes/CtCI-solutions My Solutions for the book Cracking the Code Interview 6th edition
JavaScript1 ErnestoZeferinoDiaz/Prueba prueba del taller de daniel
Dockerfile1 JiaweiZhuang/docker_gchp Docker environment for debugging GCHP
JavaScript1 mr4torr/gatsby-starter-netlify-cms endereço
JavaScript1 johnthachil/zeplin-extension-elevation Zeplin extension that displays elevation of layer according to material design shadow guidelines
HTML1 rafalezamano/Project Coderhouse
HTML1 innthomas/ucthNursesShiftSchedule a shift schedule app for nurses @ university of calabar teaching hospital
HTML1 fadonic/Social-iNet A simple SPA with boostrap 4 and javascript
C#1 laszlodian/ReplacerWPF TestResult docx file content replacer, pdf exporter
Jupyter Notebook1 eaishwa/sql-twitter-analysis In this project, I have done a graph analysis to analyze Tweets from Twitter Elections Integrity Dataset.
JavaScript1 abhinavkulmitra/ A web app to track incomes and expenses.
JavaScript1 dmpb/vue-webpack Estudiando webpack y vue. Configuracion completa para empezar con Vue :smirk:
JavaScript1 bayareaboy/notboringcollege My social network project for my school.
C#1 Vital7/SteamKitProxyInjection Plugin for ASF which patches constructor of WebSocketContext in SteamKit to allow proxifing WebSocket connection
CSS1 djirdehh/todo-vue-testing Showcasing vue-test-utils to test a minimal TodoMVC app for A Full of Day Of Vue.js Workshop
HTML1 alan199912/Programming_SDK pagina web
C1 LiuyunlongLorin/HI3559v200 W4_HI3559V200_Dis
TypeScript1 remie/atlascamp-2019 AtlasCamp 2019 - Monitoring as Code examples
CSS1 marcykay/ Personal Profile
Java1 hzihui/spring-cloud-demo spring cloud demo
C1 LoSealL/lltech A C++ Middleware offered by (L)oSeal(L)'s Tech
HTML1 heomato/dongyang Markdown Test Repasitory
C#1 ArraronVit/OOP-Lab1 Rational
JavaScript1 devpao26/Authentication-App Application built from ReactJS and Firebase
Python1 HSunflowers/Python-learning Learning the course : Data analysis by Pathon.
Kotlin1 guodroid/crypto-wallet-ui-android UI framework for crypto currency
C1 Vasco-Varas/libft 42sv - libft
Python1 wjesus374/logscan Script em Python para monitoramento de logs com suporte para expressão regular
C++1 thebnbrkr/carshowroomc- Car showroom written in C++
HTML1 180107221/webtasks For Web Programming
Kotlin1 JavatarPro/linkedin-signin LinkedIn Sign in example
TeX1 JohnWestonNull/Real-Analysis This is the lecture note on MA301 Real Analysis, welcome to any issues and pull request.
HTML1 Zhenger233/ personal website
Python1 danthedeckie/make_template_fragment_key_test Simpler & faster & FIPS compliant django template cache fragment key name generation function
TypeScript1 decentium/decentiumjs JavaScript library for interacting with Decentium
Python1 jyksnw/yv-api-python YouVersion API Client for Python (no affiliation with YouVersion or Life.Church)
Dart1 mm44m6/poc_flutterintegration PoC
C++1 LinkClinton/Code-Red A Graphics Interface for DirectX12 and Vulkan
C#1 dewcked/C-sharp C sharp programming repository for practice
TSQL1 FuDianJie/qingcheng 青橙商城 SSM+DUBBO
HTML1 icql/icql-static 静态页面(主页/博客/文档/工具)
Java1 SantaBarbaraCityCollege/cs105-kinneavy-f19-a04-employee-xeweva cs105-kinneavy-f19-a04-employee-xeweva created by GitHub Classroom
JavaScript1 chenguzhen87/vue-admin-platform vue-admin-platform 是一个后台管理系统前端解决方案,整合后台系统开发前端实践经验
Rust1 jsulmont/avasim Avalanche protocol simulation (Rust)
Java1 ZhaoQing980305/QuartzDemo spring boot中添加Quartz框架实现定时任务,从数据库和配置文件中读取定时任务
Python1 gaocegege/cifar10-estimator cifar10-estimator from tensorflow/models
Python1 CharuSelvan10/python_repos Repository to contain python code projects
HTML1 Abdullah992/github-slideshow A robot powered training repository :robot:
Python1 ezekielamitchell/ Intro to Python3 - Ezekiel A. Mitchell
JavaScript1 cwanxing/myblog-server 我的个人博客--Node服务器
C++1 RandyLambert/daily 部分日常的小练习
JavaScript1 deevannaveed/react-next React - Next.js, Bootstrap 4.3 with SCSS and Layout configured project.
C1 fabulousmicke/cfix Charlie Foxtrot Index
Kotlin1 haryu-ta/KotolinSample Kotolin勉強
Vue1 zhaoyuncool/wps 移动端小项目
JavaScript1 perillamint/mkwevofw Make wevo firmware using CRC32 collision
C++1 kabuki-starship/kabuki.tek A Modern Embedded-C++ Script2 and mbed Firmware Development Kit (FDK).
C1 germauricio/Tp4Sintaxis bison pa
CSS1 Vitali-Vitali/Cool-Login-Signup-Form Login/Signup Form
JavaScript1 thebobbyb/Lancer-Aimbot-Leash-Invincibility Never Miss a Leash,Master Leash and Giga. Become Invincible
HTML1 chenqTest/test 项目描述
Java1 shenliangshanghai/ViewDrag 仿高德地图底部拖拽控件
Rust1 linyinfeng/think-and-say A small toy program to say with the meme "支離滅裂な思考・発言" in terminal.
HTML1 JTSipowicz/Java-OOP CS-3354 Java Object-Oriented Programming Fall 2019, Dr. Podorozhny
Go1 FeistyFugu/fungo Fast, simple and type safe implementation of typical functional constructs for the Go programming language. Use 'go generate' to create type safe implementation of each algorithm.
JavaScript1 AlanWen2016/biu-function npm 发布函数库,build javascript library by webpack and publish on npm
JavaScript1 astronomizedev/regexpkg A dependable library for regexes.
Go1 alvan/god Go DevOps admin panel
C++1 kevin-logan/libsafet C++ Safe Template Library
JavaScript1 cosmoneto1/cotacoes Cotações e carteiras
JavaScript1 ps-demo-coders/WiredBrain.CustomerPortal.AspNet Demo application for ASP.NET Security path using ASP.NET for .NET Framework
HTML1 oliverkocsis/D3.js-Examples D3.js Examples
HTML1 hilagutfreund/tipping Code for HF/E culminating project
Python1 jinbeizame007/pytorch-r2d2 PyTorch implementation of R2D2 (Reccurent Replay Distributed DQN)
JavaScript1 lifeart/babel-plugin-hbx-components babel-plugin-hbx-components
JavaScript1 liaohui5/vue-drag.js Add a drag and drop function to vue.js
Jupyter Notebook1 apoorva1225/Sentiment_analysis sentiment analysis
JavaScript1 Nacho23/base-reactjs-hooks-coreui Proyecto base desarrollado con template CoreUI, Reactjs y Hooks.
PowerShell1 PhilipHaglund/DistributionGroupMigration Migrate Exchange On-premise distribution groups to Exchange Online (Office 365).
CSS1 kjywow94/ 깃페이지 주소 :
PHP1 huangdijia/laravel-youdu 有度即时通讯SDK for Laravel
PHP1 huangsonlin/theSkyCity 天空之城
Dockerfile1 Mitirrli/docker_example docker
Objective-C++1 pierdr/ofxiOSFaceTracking openFrameworks add-on for face tracking on iOS using CoreML
Java1 opendata-repository/java-annotations-finder EN PAUSE - Essai de code pour rechercher des annotations Java
R1 sellorm/nhsnumber An R package to work with NHS numbers and their checksums
Java1 neerajjain92/monolith-to-microservices Transition Monolith Application to Micro-Service via Spring Cloud Gateway
Objective-C1 caixiang305621856/CXDragTableView 自定义拖拽Cell
HTML1 wardseptember/django-blog 基于python3.6.8、django1.11.12、Bootstrap4、jQuery搭建的个人博客。
Python1 gillesdami/audio-cycle-gan GAN improving poorly synthesized audio samples
Python1 ErikIPU2/python_checkers Jogo de damas com flask
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