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语言 Star 名称 描述
Python86 nsingla/api_generator quickly generate rest api by plugging in db connection string
Java31 nining377/UnblockMusicPro_Xposed Unblock Netease Cloud Music with Xposed
JavaScript26 exodusintel/Chrome-Issue-992914-Sealed-Frozen-Element-Kind-Type-Confusion-RCE-Exploit September Chrome 1day by István Kurucsai
Rust21 myrrlyn/calm_io Calm I/O operations for Rust
C++17 vczh-libraries/VlppOS Minimum Operation System Abstraction
Python17 bigbaser/TcloudServer Tcloud云测平台后端服务
C++15 catid/Zdepth Zdepth :: Streaming Depth Compressor in C++ for Azure Kinect DK
Python14 PKUbahuangliuhe/CBNet Composite Backbone Network
Vue14 bigbaser/Tcloud Tcloud云测平台前端
Python12 SkyBlueEternal/Machine-Learning-Bayesian-Algorithm-Packet-Inspection-webshell-discover 机器学习流量检测webshell-基于深度包检测技术和贝叶斯算法的webshell检查程序
Swift12 exyte/ConcentricOnboarding SwiftUI library for a walkthrough or onboarding flow with tap actions
JavaScript12 moondef/constantie A tiny JavaScript library for creation of fully immutable objects and arrays
Shell11 BishopFox/pwn-pulse Exploit for Pulse Connect Secure SSL VPN arbitrary file read vulnerability (CVE-2019-11510)
Dockerfile11 wonderkun/CTFENV 为应对CTF比赛而搭建的各种环境
C++10 secrary/AppSecurityLimits AppSecurityLimits - Allows Executables To Define Security Limits
Python10 BobbyRaduloff/markovman Generate florida man headlines through markov chains
JavaScript10 mafintosh/derived-key-storage Derive a key and secret key file from a name
Python9 huawei-noah/GAN-pruning A Pytorch implementation of "Co-Evolutionary Compression for Unpaired Image Translation" (ICCV 2019).
PHP8 arfandotid/ujian-online-ci Aplikasi Ujian Online dengan Codeigniter 3
MATLAB7 lacerbi/workshop-nyu-2019 Introductory workshop to modeling and model fitting in cognitive and computational neuroscience
Rust7 afnanenayet/hashed-permutation An implementation of Kensler's hashed permutation algorithm
C7 dsc-jiit-128/Hacktoberfest_2019 This repo is for freshers, who wants to participate in Hacktoberfest 2019
C++6 ChaitanyaHaritash/Cpp-Snippets Some Cpp snippets i wrote.
HTML6 jojoldu/ 이력서나 만들자
C#6 schletz/Pos4xhif Unterlagen für den 4. Jahrgang in POS
Shell6 scalair/robokops Manage Kubernetes clusters and deploy common features
C++6 thk686/RcppStdVector An R package allowing efficient use of std::vector in Rcpp
R5 ntstevens/STAT331_Spring2019 A repository of relevant course material from my Spring 2019 offering of STAT 331
Python5 kenshinpg/PytorchNER_zh 这是我ehr-journey项目的一个命名实体识别的子项目,主要实现基于中文预训练字向量finetune的Bert与BiLSTM模型的网络。演示使用了CCKS2019task1数据集,并实现了django接口。
PHP5 tonysm/phredis-server A naive implementation of Redis protocol in PHP with Amphp (async)
Swift5 iOSTube/iOSTube The GREAT Steps to iOS Development.
Python5 GeneDx/phenopy Phenotype comparison tools using semantic similarity.
JavaScript5 interplanaria/bitwork bitcoin networking made simple.
PHP5 mdenisenko/SOLID Description of the principles of SOLID
Hack5 estadao/simulador-de-adocao Código para a matéria que simula a adoção de crianças no Brasil, ao dar “match” entre crianças e possíveis pais || Code for the story that simulates the child adoption process in Brazil, by matching kids and possible parents
JavaScript5 xpromise/class0520-react-admin React后台管理项目
Python5 maliho0803/garbage_classification Huawei Cloud garbage classification source code for pytorch implementation
Python5 ouuan/CF-contests-ranking Rank Codeforces contests by number of upvotes
R5 ntstevens/STAT430_Spring2019 A repository of relevant course material from my Spring 2019 offering of STAT 430/830
PHP5 TrinityNET/CentosAuth A .NET Authentication System written in C# & PHP
Dart5 tranhuycong/custom_splash A Flutter package to custom splash screen like change logo icon, logo animation, and splash screen background color.
JavaScript5 ShetlandJ/AltBlur Click to blur images on a webpage that have no alt
Python5 ibm-research-tokyo/graph_grammar Code for "Molecular Hypergraph Grammar with Its Application to Molecular Optimization"
Go4 chunshengster/qsmysql use gorm as backend, easy to use when you use viper + yaml / etcd
Rust4 owo-lang/narc-rs Dependently-typed programming language with Agda style dependent pattern matching
Python4 pkien01/draw-on-face Coloring lips and drawing glasses on faces in custom images or live webcam
Go4 goa-codebet/go-tictactoe An Open Source friday project. A command line game that challenges you in the game of Tic Tac Toe.
Scala4 zio/zio-logging An environmental effect for adding logging into any ZIO application, with choice of pluggable back-ends
JavaScript4 xidoWeb/smart_uxui_190813 html, css, javascript, jQuery, scss, git, markdown
OCaml4 UnixJunkie/linwrap Wrapper on top of liblinear-tools
JavaScript4 tuantvk/WtfReactNativeTesting Testing React Native Apps :heavy_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
C#4 nvjob/Viking-Village-NVJOB-Sky-Water-STC Viking Village + #NVJOB Water Shader, Dynamic Sky, STC
JavaScript4 Essaadani/Bookstore ASP.NET Core Web Application
JavaScript4 auaubauhau/react-ts-webpack-example React+Typescript+Webpack based project examples (boilerplate)
Emacs Lisp4 oitofelix/info-rename-buffer Rename Info buffers to match manuals
R4 Transparencia-Brasil/uso_99_PMSP Códigos para a elaboração do relatório "Uso de transporte privado pela Prefeitura de São Paulo possui falhas na prestação de contas e irregularidades"
JavaScript4 tberghuis/ tic-tac-toe multiplayer, vue,
Python4 MarketGarden/basicia basicia is library to use Keras-RL in Armory3D
C4 psxdev/msxGameReader Msx Game Reader library
PHP3 YehudaEi/TelegramBots-Class Telegram-bots best class in php
Python3 Rockyzsu/StockPredict 根据东财股吧爬虫数据进行自然语言分析,展示股市热度
Python3 cansubdc/ExcelMerger (same scheme ) Multi excel files merge to one file.
Java3 Carson-Ho/AndroidxFlutter Android Flutter的使用
JavaScript3 yqffqy/shuake 超星尔雅刷课脚本
PHP3 akrabat/slim4-empty Minimal Slim 4 starter project
JavaScript3 cosdong7/chromium-v8-exploit CVE 2019-5791 working exploit
Python3 duckietown-udem/udem-fall19-public Public accompanying repository for Universite de Montreal's IFT 6757: Autnonomous Vehicles, Fall 2019.
JavaScript3 django-d/ccc-hot-update hot update
Haxe3 MarketGarden/armory3D-VDebug Lib Armory3D to draw debug infos on the screen
JavaScript3 linmasahiro/ jquery and html schedule calendar base on jq.Schedule
HTML3 stormsinbrewing/ Source code for Official Storms In Brewing Website.
Python3 brooklyn1900/CRAFT_pytorch A reimplementation of Character Region Awareness for Text Detection (CRAFT)
Shell3 tribut/homeassistant-docker-venv Run Home Assistant as non-root using the official docker image
Python3 i-pan/kaggle-siim-ptx 8th place solution for SIIM-ACR Pneumothorax Segmentation competition on Kaggle
Haxe3 MarketGarden/basicia_examples Examples with Keras-RL and Armory3D
Go3 falcosecurity/client-go Go client and SDK for Falco
C#3 GradienWords/AttackFridayMonsters Tools for translating the 3DS game "Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale"
Python3 Jopless/gamestore Games store on Django
CSS3 webqamdev/sass-boilerplate An opinionated Sass boilerplate.
Java3 giancarlocompagno/unipa_2019_gruppo_6 Unipa 2019 Gruppo 6
JavaScript3 travisdmathis/cdrw-frontend Frontend for Decentralized Certificate of Deposit built on Ethereum in 32hrs for ETHBoston
Jupyter Notebook3 kunalj101/wns_analytics_wizard_2019 Winners' solution approach and code for WNS Analytics Wizard 2019
Pascal3 CarlosHe/FiremonkeyCieloLIO Firemonkey Cielo LIO Local - SDK
Python3 swimlane/trawl A utility to trawl phishing domains and attempt to identify phishing kits as well as other malicious activity
PHP3 ErdiBgr/YaaniSuggest The suggest function of the Yaani search engine.
C#3 thebeardphantom/ASF-Core The core library for Async Structural Foundations for Unity (ASF Unity).
Jupyter Notebook2 Shivam0712/DeepLearningProjects A series of projects/notebooks using Deep Learning to solve problems from different fields.
TypeScript2 Chessman97/rest-auth REST API
TypeScript2 CDK-User-Group/CDK-Construct-Catalog Catalog for aggregating CDK Constructs
Kotlin2 Mee42/planet-sim A RPG game through Discord
HTML2 CaptainN/npdev-svelte-loadable A port of svelte-loadable with SSR and hydration for Meteor
Common Lisp2 marcoheisig/sb-simd A convenient SIMD interface for SBCL.
PHP2 spartia-max/projet_school Site permettant de gérer un établissement d'école primaire
JavaScript2 dilipabc/node_frame_1 Easy to work with node js. This is a node js framework with you can easy make any type of rest API and website.
JavaScript2 soc1c/kusama-scripts random collectoin of polkadot-js api scripts to analyse the kusama chain state
JavaScript2 JeffPatt85/jcu-career-link Job-finding application designed to introduce and promote employment opportunities between local employers, JCU students, and their repective lecturers.
Python2 hzyjerry/ma-meta-env Collections of Multi-Agent Environments for Meta-Learning
C2 SonnAdolf/MyAtlExeComDemo 创建最简单的exe形式COM组件并在MFC程序调用的demo
JavaScript2 shreybatra/Speech-To-Code Speech to Code service, built for Microsoft AI Hackathon.
OCaml2 johnridesabike/bs-localforage BuckleScript bindings for LocalForage
Python2 corimstyle/corimbot Personal Discord bot
Shell2 machine-learning-apps/actions-argo Submit Argo Workflows From GitHub
R2 Mcotsar/Salmorejo_project2019 Some silly analysis in R to test similarities by absence/presence of ingredients in different types of salmorejo recipe
Python2 chenlighten/DRL4LWR Implementation of a paper.
JavaScript2 carlos-menezes/ypps Your Personal Pasting Space
C++2 StarsX/SuperResolution DML super resolution exercise.
ShaderLab2 lingzerg/Lingzerg-UnityDemo 各种效果分享
HTML2 AdrielMinyety/Lyrics-Finder simple app para buscar letras de canciones usando una API (practicando los modulos en JS) //// simple app to find song's lyrics using an API (practicing modules in JS)
OpenEdge ABL2 emap-md/main main repo with notes
CSS2 coryclemens/Aztec-VR-New-Member-Platform A new member platform that eases new members into the workflow of VR Club if they so choose.
TypeScript2 DefLeoo/app-ionic App Ionic Curso Ciência da Computação
Makefile2 clouddrove/ansible-role-mysql This ansible role install mysql server for Debian.
Clojure2 Vicfred/cftbat Clojure for the brave and true
JavaScript2 lll618xxx/node-tool-case 常用node实战小demo
JavaScript2 johnayeni/react-payant This is a react package for implementing payant payment inline js
CSS2 brenonovelli/Accessibility-Settings-Bar ASB - Accessibility Settings Bar
Go2 boquaninc/grandet-sdk A sdk for payment-channel based services provided by
Shell2 FriendsOfShopware/action-shopware Github Action to setup Shopware
ShaderLab2 DapperDino/Photon-Tutorial Repo for my "Photon Multiplayer Tutorial" series.
JavaScript2 Cyphexl/quadre-maker A boring quadre meme generator.
Swift2 grd888/SlideInDrawer-iOS A Slide In Drawer Menu demo for iOS using UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate
Dart2 pranaypatel512/FlutterLogin A new Flutter application which demonstrate login and signup UI
TeX2 mwsht/Graph-and-Machine-Learning 图与机器学习
JavaScript2 Tridian/STEM-Extension STEM Extension Application
Java2 cicadasmile/spring-mvc-parent Spring 框架基础,环境配置,常用注解,Bean管理,事务,Mvc开发模式等。
CSS2 diliuye/WYYmusic 网易云音乐网页界面
Java2 zhoujiulong/AssemblySample Android 组件化开发例子
JavaScript2 mathwallet/math-harmony-web-wallet Open Source Harmony Web Wallet
JavaScript2 Bossbai111/Wechat-applet-shopping-cart-add-animation 微信小程序加入购物车动画效果。一个简单的小demo,clone代码到本地工具打开即可运行查看效果。
C#2 Riziebtw/RzyProtector Rzy Protector | A public confuserex modded
JavaScript2 muzishuiji/blogs 这是一个存放我所有沉淀的仓库,学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆.
HTML2 ytf2y/project this is a project example!
JavaScript2 windring/weamail Weather mail for everyday.
C++2 WeiHan666/BPlusTree-code 对b+树的简单实现! 对b+树的层次遍历!查找!添加!删除!
Java2 wcl1997/pfil pets for inlove
C#2 jurishev/MudSystem Концепция MUD-системы
HTML2 aQuaYi/Learning-MIT-6.828 everything you need in MIT 6.828 Fall 2019
Java2 bhumitech-cloud/FileEncryption This is a project for the object oriented programming course of my college. A simple XOR cipher Encryption Decryption System for text file is implemented using java
Python2 nullpi/cookbook 代码:一种新的工作方式
JavaScript2 PiyushPawar17/blog.js Personal Blog
Python2 hasyoucan/Predict-Nintendo-Stock-Price-LSTM- It's a test sample
C#2 Alternative-Visual/AVEngine 2D engine. In developing.
D2 symmetryinvestments/dockerfile-dlang D parser for Dockerfile (wrapper)
PHP2 pantherify/graphql-generator Generates GraphQL for Laravel
Python2 rlworkgroup/metaworld An open source robotics benchmark for meta- and multi-task reinforcement learning
C2 jurishev/PrimitiveMud Примитивный MUD-сервер
Swift2 puretears/BXAnimatedTabBar A Swift UI library for animating tab bar items. It is heavily inspired by @Ramotion
C++2 rub-hgi/lwDLP-and-NestedSubsetSum Implementation used for the experiments of "Low Weight Discrete Logarithms and Subset Sum in 2^0.65n with Polynomial Memory"
C++2 vczh-libraries/VlppReflection C++ Reflection Utilities
C#2 Kappawez/AmpRageRepo Amp it
Python2 Da-Colon/MoonSet Python Project Shmup
Python2 Leon3397/dict Search English words in command line
C++2 wanlin405/Computer_Graphics 华中科技大学《计算机图形学》MOOC课程实验 ——万琳老师
Haskell2 augustohdias/Howl CLI for Haskell fake API
Dart2 LeiLeiOfJava/FlutterWechatUI Flutter仿照微信UI效果实现。
Python2 bedretdinov/phouse phouse
C2 jurishev/WinMerc Порт MUD-сервера Merc 2.2 на Windows
C#2 leven99/OSerialPort 串行端口调试助手 - MIT License - WPF框架 - MVVM模型
Vue2 Chilly-breeze/vue-ts-admin 一个ts+vue的后台
JavaScript2 yuanfu999/attendsystem 员工考勤管理系统,采用的是ssm架构,运用的技术主要是spring,springMVC,mybatis,采用了三级权限,超级管理员,管理员以及员工。对员工打卡记录做统计,用echarts来统计分析员工打卡记录
JavaScript2 highvrahos/poseidon-remote-coding A remote coding tool for PlayCanvas that allows you to code locally in your favorite editor and have your code uploaded to your PlayCanvas project.
Python2 seoungwugoh/opn-demo Onion-Peel Networks for Deep Video Completion, ICCV 2019
JavaScript2 chenghaopeng/instant-web-page-bullet 实时网页弹幕
Python2 yrnigam/MachineLearningModelAPI This is how you can create your machine learning model API and use your work on different platforms like Android,Web App etc
JavaScript2 mstruebing/create-react-app-with-elm A CRA app with patched `node_modules` to show how to patch `node_modules` and use elm inside CRA
C++2 medeiroslucas/lo-and-behold-pp Repository of the Lo and Behold ++ programming group
Java2 Marcello168/react-native-SerialPort React native Android 串口通讯 DLC
JavaScript2 threepointone/react-act-example For Jason -
HTML2 louisgv/lrct component library template
Java2 CloverWS/PasswordManager University Project : PasswordManager
Python2 I-am-become-automation/ibuki Parses the Ibuki dataset in hope to derive the most likely rules of Ibuki
JavaScript2 vinaysomawat/Pizza-Ordering-ChatBot Pizza Ordering ChatBot using Dialogflow and Firebase with help of Google assistant.
Java2 xkenmon/nox High performance shadowsocks implementation based on netty network framework.
JavaScript2 ahdgrbwy/Ultra-Profile Portfolio Template With ReactJS
C2 ValveSoftware/steamos-compositor SteamOS session compositing window manager
PHP2 harivenu/partial-decoupled-drupal-with-reactjs-example This is demo of partial decoupled drupal with reactjs
JavaScript2 patrickmonteiro/curso_nodebr Curso de Node no
JavaScript2 jiaabid/VR-TEST-WebSpeechAPI navigate on your speech
Dart2 Isonomic/ReminderApp Uses Local notifications, Google and Aunonymous sign in, and Firestore database to remind and store progress of drinking water. Instantly switch between multiple light and dark color themes.
C++2 lzpel/SDL2-CLion-Windows Minimal example of animating OpenGL on SDL2, developed by CLion in Windows
PHP2 madnest/heureka-feed Generate Heureka feed in your Laravel application
JavaScript2 rdpanek/wpt2-demo Frontend analyzer & Web Performance Stack
Python1 PrasannaNatarajan/INF553-Summer2019-Assignments All Programming assignments done for the course INF553: Foundations and Applications of Data Mining
MATLAB1 modelics/vf Vector Fitting
JavaScript1 xuhongv/WCMiniColorSetForEsp8266 微信小程序控制esp8266实现七彩效果项目。(欢迎 star)
JavaScript1 khallad2/Zizoo-Full-Stack-Code-Challenge Create simple react component for a search listing card based located in this repo. Request search results from a GraphQL API for all boats between 10m and 20m in length with newer than 2010. Render the results using the API response and the react component.
Python1 chenruicool/python_spiders python 爬虫练习
PowerShell1 Vxer-Lee/WinIPtables 使用Powershell 防火墙规则屏蔽某个国家ip段 、fuck!
Jupyter Notebook1 Ravipati97/A-Comparative-Study-on-Coterie-Identification-in-Facebook-Network The identification of peers in a social network has been analyzed over giving importance to recognition in the way of connection and interaction between people. The coterie identification can be done by the structure of Facebook public pages. There are a lot of activities people perform which are diverse from each other. Since the different activities can’t be identified, we choose newsgroup pages and focus on extraction of one set of users. For this, we use Label Propagation Algorithm, Fast Unfolding and Spectral Clustering methods for identification and compare the results of each method to get a fair understanding of which method calculates the no.of user nodes effectively. These algorithms base the results upon the posts, likes and comments for each user activity. In order to get the effective values as outputs we eliminate the isolated and enhance the quality of the peer network across multiple pages with the use of subgraphs containing nodes that are more densely linked to each other than to the remaining nodes of the graph. The peer identification problem is tackled by the above mentioned algorithms.
Python1 Ravipati97/Preserving-Communication-using-Adversarial-Neural-Cryptograph In general, the Neural Networks will be made to learn the secret key information and to conceal it from other neural networks in the application network. The main aim of this project is to achieve the confidentiality in a multi-agent system and the corresponding properties in the form establishing an adversary relationship between the receiver and the attacker. Alice and Bob communicate with each other and Oscar will try to Eavesdrop the message. In this, we tried not to use conventional cryptographic algorithms but try to train end-to-end adversarially. The main goal is to significantly demonstrate the performance of encryption and decryption, and to implement the working model that can apply the operations ultimately to meet the requirements and confidentiality standards
C++1 evepitwang/C-11-interview-program 2. C++ Concurrency in Action 3.c++ design & evoluatioon 4.深入理解C++11 ;
Java1 ashishkumar1000/android Sample App for Implementation of new times Most Popular API
PHP1 Aksoyhlc/Aksoyhlc-Not-Metin-Paylasma-Scripti Aksoyhlc-Not-Metin-Paylasma-Scripti
JavaScript1 mukeshmandiwal/todo-task React Firebase todo task app
JavaScript1 Jaimedsf/EmprestimoLivros Aplicação para Empréstimo de Livros
CSS1 DC11011100/website My personal website
TypeScript1 oauth-everything/passport-picarto A Passport strategy for authenticating with
PHP1 pranaydas252/PHP-Admin-Panel This is an PHP-based admin panel with clean and elegant design. MVC File Structure is also added. Every authentication files including Login, Logout, Change Password, Forgot Password & Reset Password modules are added with controllers. Admin Login is created as well and database file is included alon with the connection file. Sessions are also taken care off. Just change the database name and you're good to go.
Python1 TEEN-BOOM/korosensei a discord bot
Python1 parthakuila/Customer-Lifetime-Value-Prediction Using data: Customer's invoice file. Introductions: Customer Lifetime Value(CLTV) "Customer Lifetime Value is a monetary value that represents the amount of revenue or profit a customer will give the company over the period of the relationship". CLTV demonstrates the implications of acquiring long-term customers compare to short-term customers. Customer lifetime value (CLV) can help you to answers the most important questions about sales to every company: How to Identify the most profitable customers? How can a company offer the best product and make the most money? How to segment profitable customers? How much budget need to spend to acquire customers? CLTV indicates the total revenue from the customer during the entire relationship. CLTV helps companies to focus on those potential customers who can bring in more revenue in the future. CLTV = ((Average Order Value x Purchase Frequency)/Churn Rate) x Profit margin. Please check the below step for how to calculate CLTV. Algorithm: Step1: Calculate CLTV. Calculate the average order value of customers: Average order value = Total money spent / total number of transactions Calculate Purchase Frequency: Purchase Frequency = Total Number of Orders / Total Number of Customers Calculate Repeat rate and Churn rate: Repeat rate = How many customers have numbers of transactions more than one / total numbers of customers Churn rate = 1 - repeat rate Calculate the profit margin: Profit margin is the commonly used profitability ratio. It represents how much percentage of total sales has earned as the gain. Let's assume our business has approx 5% profit on the total sale. Profit margin = Total money spent on each customer * 0.05 Calculate customer lifetime value: Customer value = (Average Order Value * Purchase Frequency) / Churn rate Customer lifetime value = Customer value * Profit margin Step2: Predictive modelling. Build a regression model for existing customers. Take recent six-month data as independent variables and total revenue over existing time( here taking 2 years) as a dependent variable and build a regression model on this data. Pros and Cons of CLTV: CLTV helps you to design an effective business plan and also provide a chance to scale your business. CLTV draw meaningful customer segments these segment can help you to identify the needs of the different-different segment. Customer Lifetime Value is a tool, not a strategy. CLTV can figure out the most profitable customers, but how you are going to make a profit from them, it depends on your strategy. Generally, CLTV models are confused and misused. Obsession with CLTV may create blinders. Companies only focus on finding the best customer group and focusing on them and repeat the business, but it’s also important to give attention to other customers.
JavaScript1 xujun820261729/umi-react 持续更新的脚手架
Dart1 anaisbetts/aluqard GraphQL + Flutter Hooks
Swift1 bc-swift2019f/you-are-awesome-isabellesmyth you-are-awesome-isabellesmyth created by GitHub Classroom
Java1 DilaBozok/dilarabozoklarq1 Initial Commit
Jupyter Notebook1 stagnet/python_3 From basic programs to real life applications , all cooked up using python3 ; )
TypeScript1 xukaijie111/compose-wechat-functions 利用三阶柯里化思想,十几行代码重新封装微信小程序的那些难受的函数
HTML1 revan07/desarrollo trabajos echos de cursos
Python1 Shiv98/AI_Basics Python codes for basics of AI
Jupyter Notebook1 yohanntg/StatisticalLearningMethod The algorithms in book 'statistical learning method'
C++1 vinniefalco/FixedString Provides a header-only fixed string implementation
PHP1 deysaikat04/CWP CMS for Wedding Photography Agency - Candid Wedding Photography
Java1 las9897/WordCloud-Server JeJe's WordCloud Server Module
PHP1 Aksoyhlc/Aksoyhlc-Hatirlatici-Yapilacaklar-Scripti Aksoyhlc-Hatirlatici-Yapilacaklar-Scripti
Shell1 leezake/GPU-POD-EXPORTER-BOOK gpu-pod-metrics-exporter monitoring guide for prometheus
TypeScript1 christianalfoni/immer-store No need for reducers, action creators and dispatching. Immer has you covered
Rich Text Format1 JibrilOs/fin-gha online food
Swift1 rudrankriyam/GridLayoutCombine A basic implementation of a Grid in SwiftUI using combine.
CSS1 akashyap2013/Responsive_Nav Responsive Navigation Menu With Hamburger menu - HTML/CSS
Ruby1 Anna-Myzukina/bubble_sort Ruby Programming PROJECT: ADVANCED BUILDING BLOCKS
Python1 CZHerrington/space-force-prime This is the game Space Force Prime, written in Python and using Pygame
Python1 xjtushujun/meta-weight-net NeurIPS'19: Meta-Weight-Net: Learning an Explicit Mapping For Sample Weighting ((Pytorch implementation).).
Java1 kim0lil/08501 ant,maven,gradle
C++1 BrutPitt/glslSmartDeNoise Fast and customizable spatial deNoise glsl filter
Shell1 webpwnized/pen-testing-scripts Small scripts to help with specific tasks
C1 mxb360/myler2 多功能命令行音乐播放器
HTML1 LovelyLM/student_evaluation 学生评教系统
JavaScript1 Suyongzhi1997/my_blog 博客网站
Python1 nikolai-v/Tkinter-Tutorials A bunch of tkinter tutorials in case you learn by reading
Java1 wangpin1997/mall-product 商品模块
HTML1 imranhossain-mih11/Header-design web design of header with logo and navigation bar
Python1 sssyyynnngithub/crack I will crack everything.
Java1 dwatherton/Paint A simple paint application programmed in Java in my spare time.
HTML1 asveshechka/studycollab Демид и Веталь
C1 jhoyland/phys4600f19 Tasks and sample code for KPU Physics Programming for instrumentation. Fall 2019
Python1 sv6375261073/socket chat app using socket
C#1 Marlamin/WorldMapCompiler Compiles world maps from World of Warcraft into single images
HTML1 iasasl/sl sl stuff
JavaScript1 Asekhamhe/Graphql-Auth A GraphQL authentication app with react
HTML1 eternit-y/Sandkasten Hier werden Sandburge gebaut.
C#1 MidgetAteMyMom/WindowsNetworkManagement C# Static class to change network settings under windows 10
CSS1 maxicosia/my-portfolio Porfolio
HTML1 marianohtl/organixx Projeto em Construção
Swift1 martinrist/workout-diary A simple iOS app to store and track workouts and exercises
Java1 PierreTheLad/escape_simulation One follower, many obstacles. Will it escape?
TypeScript1 Guitenbay/mock-koa-ts A mock server of Koa using typescript
Python1 Mr-yun/django_autocode_tools django_autocode_tools
Rich Text Format1 Thomazella/clover-efis efi configs to boot mac os on custom hardware
C1 chenlighten/JOS An operating system used for teaching in course mit 6.828
JavaScript1 10secondsofcode/react-blink-color react-blink-color
HTML1 holamigo2705/keks1 keke test Anton
Shell1 zhaowengxing/high_concurrency_set 数据库高并发时,调整动态参数,让mysql服务稳定高效运行
Java1 NatashaLove/FizzBuzzTest_wSwitch trying to do it with switch, but main thing is continue;
Java1 nguyenthaiqui/SwimmingGo Capstone 1
R1 eastonwhite/species-management-variability This repository contains data and code to investigate variability in management of experimental invasive species
Ruby1 jaquelinecamarda/Crypto-Wallet My first Ruby on Rails project
C1 gagandeepbhangal/prime_number_checker This program leverages Forking to determine if a given number is prime. Each new child process is a "filter" which removes all multiples of the current non-factor. First, we being at '2'. If it is not a factor, we remove all multiples of it (2, 4, 6 etc.). Next, we go to the next prime number, which is 3. Again, if it is not a factor, all multiples of it are removed. This process is repeated until we reach the given number. At this point we can conclude the number is prime. If we find a factor, we output the appropriate response.
MATLAB1 anvien/FNN_IP Code for Paper "Fast and robust learning in Spiking Feed-forward Neural Networks based on Intrinsic Plasticity mechanism"
Shell1 chakrit/phabricator Minimal dockerfile for single-container Phabricator
Python1 divyasuri/Machine-Learning-Projects This contains all my submissions for my Machine Learning class I took in the Spring of 2019. These were explorations of different supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, some involve the use of Python packages (like Scikit Learn), others show a step-by-step implementation of the technique to better understand the math behind these complex algorithms.
Python1 Redseb/PyeeControl A Yeelight control application built with Python
JavaScript1 FrankXuuu/Hexa-Game Turn-by-turn strategy game
Java1 ghpower93/Mobile-check getting mobile information software program (모바일폰 상태 체크프로그램)
C++1 cflores713/towerOfHanoi Designing and analyzing an algorithm for solving a variant of the Tower of Hanoi
C++1 vczh-libraries/VlppRegex Regular Expression
Vue1 jerryl97/ccmanager-vue Credit Card Management Application System rebuilt using Vue.js
C++1 USNavalResearchLaboratory/protolib Protean Protocol Prototyping Library
Dockerfile1 mrogers950/openshift-aide POC node AIDE scan
Vue1 ducky/chrome-tab-dashboard Beautiful new tab page for Chrome with weather details
Python1 ThibaultGROUEIX/chamfer_pytorch Include a CUDA version, and a python version with pytorch ops.
Java1 joseseie/CorrecaoTeste12017 Correção de teste 1 de FP 2017 do Professor Culpa
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