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语言 Star 名称 描述
HTML29 IgorHalfeld/pr-maneiro Faça alguém feliz com um comentário no PR!
JavaScript26 feross/queue-microtask fast, tiny `queueMicrotask` shim for modern engines
TypeScript21 hackthenorth/ Hack the North 2019 Website
C#20 malwarialabs/DerbyCon2019 Code & Slides For DerbyCon 2019
JavaScript18 virjar/geeEtacsufbo 极验滑块js代码脱壳-js控制流平坦化反混淆
TypeScript7 bozvul993/ngx-simple-calendar Git repo for ngx-simple-calendar
HTML7 gregdavill/GlassUnicorn Colection of various LED matrix projects
Dart7 RaviKavaiya/sliding_panel A Flutter slidable widget that provides an easy to use configuration. Just as you want it!
JavaScript6 lanmaster53/cef Proof-of-concept CORS exploitation tool.
Go6 haoel/downsampling-algorithm downsampling time series data algorithm in Go
Zig6 Yardanico/zig-osureplay A simple library and a command-line application for osu! replay parsing
Go5 spcent/seq 基于mysql的序列号生成器
CSS5 wwylele/index3ds 3DS game database
Shell5 Yekki1/Enumeration-Script Bash Enumeration Script
Kotlin5 wayfarer-rus/olcPixelGameEngine kotlin-native port of the
JavaScript4 codebytere/emoji-mashup-convert Convert images from tweets into Slack-worthy emojis.
Go4 yanzay/notify-telegram GitHub Action: Build notifications for Telegram
PHP4 obiefy/api-response Simple and ready to use API response wrapper for Laravel.
C#4 hobosore/UnityPMXAutoImporter MikuMikuDanceのモデルファイル(.pmx)を変換なしにUnityで読み込むためのエディタ拡張
HTML4 529324416/EasyCloud 使用Python+flask实现的基础云盘
C++4 esrrhs/pLua Lua 性能分析工具 Lua profiler tool like gperftools
Elixir4 fazibear/elixir_desktop_application Code for story:
Java4 AzharRivaldi/Greeting Greeting Text & Greeting Image
Rust4 qnighy/win16ne Win16 NE (New Executable) parser & disassembler
Ruby4 wqsemc/CVE-2019-0708 initial exploit for CVE-2019-0708, BlueKeep CVE-2019-0708 BlueKeep RDP Remote Windows Kernel Use After Free The RDP termdd.sys driver improperly handles binds to internal-only channel MS_T120, allowing a malformed Disconnect Provider Indication message to cause use-after-free. With a controllable data/size remote nonpaged pool spray, an indirect call gadget of the freed channel is used to achieve arbitrary code execution.
Python4 AtsunoriFujita/Jigsaw-Unintended-Bias-in-Toxicity-Classification 7th Place Solution for Jigsaw Unintended Bias in Toxicity Classification on Kaggle
Swift4 Sadmansamee/CachyKit Caching Library written in Swift that can cache JSON, Image, Zip or anything
Python4 ternaus/io_benchmark I/O benchmark for different image processing python libraries.
JavaScript3 ladjs/redis Redis for Lad
C++3 LRLVEC/PhotonMapping A implemention of PhotoMapping Algorithm by OptiX7.0.0
TypeScript3 ShirasawaSama/use-model Lightweight global state manager of React hooks based on Immer.
Go3 Ghosin/gapi Ghosin's API Service
JavaScript3 airingursb/react-markdown React + Electron 实现的 Markdown 编辑器
JavaScript3 Jack-Works/loader-with-esmodule-example Transpile files without any build step in browser directly
JavaScript3 reduxjs/examples Examples of how to use Redux.
JavaScript3 fabiospampinato/ua2os Detect the OS from a User-Agent string.
Python3 TheCountVevo/OxyCo OxyCo is a simple cipher to encode/decode your messages
Lua3 iagocavalcante/lua-obscuracao-url Dojo de uma sexta doida, com uma linguagem que nenhum dos participantes sabia
Python3 sonnyksimon/blackswan Crossbreeds multiple data sources.
Java3 noseparte/h5web-parent Happy Elements(方块消消乐) ——一款仿开心消消乐的消除休闲游戏 架构使用SpringBoot+Maven搭建,Game服、Rank排行榜服
Vue3 upupming/hit-gpa 哈工大本科生 GPA 计算器。使用统一身份一键登录,即可计算自己的 GPA 信息。
Java3 sergiandreplace/androiddatetimetextprovider A solution for day and month formatting for languages with standalone configuration for ThreeTenBP for Android
Python3 GKsnc/BDSale BD发售提取器
Vue3 WeiChiaChang/dislike-kp 全民倒讚大會
Objective-C3 headkaze/EFI-Agent Simple, low resource, efficient and no frills tool to mount EFI partitions.
Python3 NgTuong/Face_Recognize face recognize
C3 frida/tinycc Frida depends on TinyCC
C3 ArchiveTeam/wget-lua Moderm wget with Lua hooks
Haskell3 tfausak/list-singleton Easily and clearly create lists with only one element in them.
Dart3 cimplesid/Flutter-custom-marker flutter custom-marker
Java3 eroltutumlu/weatherapp Java ile REST üzerinden Hava Durumu bilgisinin çekilmesi
Assembly3 indigodarkwolf/x16-matriculate-text Giving up on the 4bbp layer matriculate for now.
JavaScript3 keepitsimpletech/actions Custom GitHub Actions
Java3 SasukeMCHC/NBTProvider A persistent data provider via nbt tag for objects.
JavaScript3 corinagum/react-a11y-label A simple package that makes your project accessible across browsers.
Crystal2 SushiChain/spinach BDD Style test runner
JavaScript2 enioluwa23/smart-vision-sheets Web app using the Google Cloud Vision API to convert images of text to structured data.
HTML2 osamaavvan/CORS_EXPLOIT A small tool to check for misconfigured CORS vulnerability
TypeScript2 Hughp135/osustuff-tournaments source code
JavaScript2 ericong18/toor PennApps XX Project
Go2 moethu/g3nserverside g3n server side
Python2 vaibhavsethia/Smart-Traffic-Light Computing the time to clear the intersection using Machine Learning , Image Processing and OpernCv in python
Python2 johnsonwe/MorseLaw Finally! A more archaic and useless way of communicating your local laws than simply reading them. Nice! Our goal is simple: Make being a civilized human being more troublesome than ever before.
HTML2 ItsYaBoyFish/Project-1 Project 1
Dockerfile2 plexsystems/protolint-action A GitHub Action for using protolint
Objective-C2 FlutterTaoBaoKe/flutter_alibc flutter版本的阿里百川插件
Python2 pctp/quotesys 期货K线数据系统
TypeScript2 kindlyfire/ An Esperanto subtitles website for subtitles of movies and series.
Ruby2 FrostsaberX/CVE-2019-0708 CVE-2019-0708 With Metasploit-Framework Exploit
Go2 suiqirui1987/kstrace KTrace工具 -基于kubernets的POD动态追踪
Java2 JiankunDai/cabinet 图书馆书包柜预约系统 后端
Python2 KotypeyPyEdition/Sagiri-bot Sagiri bot is now open src
TypeScript2 Himself65/pascal-interpreter-ts [WIP] Pascal Interpreter coding with TypeScript
JavaScript2 suo/add-annotations-github-action A GitHub action to run clang-tidy and annotate failures
Shell2 MarvinJWendt/run-node-formatter Automatically formats your code with your preferred code formatter! :rocket:
C#2 jsuarezruiz/TravellingApp Xamarin.Forms goodlooking UI sample using the new CarouselView.
Python2 pren1/fans_kalman To predict the fans of any tuber
Python2 Nikronic/Optimized-MDVRP "Using Genetic Algorithms for Multi-depot Vehicle Routing" paper implementation.
JavaScript2 Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config Create your GUIs in Adobe XD, export them as SVGs, use them in Arma 3
Java2 SebastiantheAstorian/Java-Testdata-Generator Generates Testdata for your java classes. Can be used in Testing and Simulation
Python2 GiriNeko/CloudWoman An Netease music downloader. modify from CloudMan
JavaScript2 lannstark/seocho-fullstack 서초 풀 스택 강의 코드 공유
HTML2 Avpaige/ReservationActivity Week13_Day3
Rust2 anderejd/cargo-walk A cargo plugin to allow running a command for each package root path in a Rust crate dependency tree.
PHP2 b1jeet/chatsite it is a prototype chatting site
C#2 laurentkempe/grpcAsyncStream .NET Core 3.0 Grpc Client and Server application showing asynchronous capabilities of Grpc and how to handle it in C# 8 Async stream
Vue2 guoj-dev/GuOJFrontend Frontend Project For GuOJ
C++2 ganlumomo/BKISemanticMapping Bayesian Spatial Kernel Smoothing for Scalable Dense Semantic Mapping
Python2 Toxlc/newsify Newify | VK Hackathon
Rust2 rednithin/CowsAndBulls Cows and Bulls written in Rust.
Jupyter Notebook2 ayushupneja/Bikeable PennApps Hackathon Project Fall 2019
TypeScript2 linkage-community/bottlemail Identify mention, link, emojiname and other in string
C2 TNTNTA/gt4412-kernel kernel3.0 for gt4412 board
Python2 yingliC/matplotlib_learning matplotlib learning
Java2 F4pl0/FARLA F4pl0's Awesome Request Library for Android
HTML2 Liar-zzy/Mind Vending Machine Management System
Emacs Lisp2 Kungsgeten/org-lozenge Pollen inspired lozenge syntax for org-mode
CSS2 diamond95/framework7KeyGenerator Web Auth Login key generator - Framework7
Python2 junyilou/python-ical-timetable Python 生成 ics 格式的大学生课表,支持自定义课程周数和其他信息,支持定义教室 GPS
C#2 zackdevine/FH4RP Discord Rich Presence for Forza Horizon 4
Python2 intermezzio/pennappsxx-lip-reading Lip reading with machine learning
Jupyter Notebook2 wangzhichao2019/-web- 为交作业而创建的仓库
Jupyter Notebook2 smlra-kjsce/ML-DL101 Repository of all notebooks for explaining basics of machine learning and deep learning.
HTML2 BaseMax/KashanNews The first civilization on earth: List of all news archives in the Kashan City (Kashan Municipality)
HTML2 alixthegreatest/Finn-and-Alix-Shared Finn and Alix's shared repository
Java2 mohitmehta317/EkLadka_Android_Project First basic android project with Network Reciever and fragments. This app is also uploaded in Play Store.
C#2 guomo233/BallGame 第一个 U3D 小游戏
Dart2 tonynguyen72/Flask_API_Flutter Fetching simple API using Flask and Flutter
HTML2 zeCoder101/beatmaker i made a beat maker using a youtube video it's very useful, have fun!
Shell2 solomonxu/docker-fast-build-shell How to add shell's source code and build into a docker image rapidly.
JavaScript2 HappyArthorn/JsSort js的排序
JavaScript2 rshah9/reliETH ethBoston Hackathon Disaster Relief
C2 Sysca11/Rocket Optimize Minecraft Bedrock Server by hot function rewriting and auto inlining
PHP2 heiglandreas/phpunitstub A PoC for a TestCase-less UnitTesst
Python2 Mr-yun/django_autoTests 根据postman到处json文件,生成基本的白盒测试代码,节约时间,提高效率
JavaScript2 vweevers/reachdown Get the inner db of an (abstract-)level(up|down) onion.
JavaScript2 Team491/Waterwise The team project of team 491 of GovHack 2019
C2 locomotive-crypto/Hash_algorithm_code Hash函数C语言代码实现集
Elixir2 getmorebrasil/rpx A simple way to write RPC Clients and Servers in Elixir
Shell2 yulioaj290/lhmirror It is a bash command utility that allows to create local mirrors of resources published on Internet.
Go2 guilhermeneres28/todolist-api-golang API REST QUE SERÁ UTILIZADA NO DOJO DE ANGULAR DA CGDF
Dhall2 Gabriel439/dhall-semver Dhall support for semantic version numbers
Python2 HirushaR/SVM-with-Scikit-learn-Machine-learning guess the digit with machine learning
Python2 0susboy0/telegram-qr-bot ⚙️Телеграм бот, с помощью которого, можно сделать качественный qrcode!
Java2 BOOMeranGG/diversity_hack Diversity Hackathon
JavaScript2 amaximus/garbage-collection-card Custom Lovelace card for Garbage Collection custom component
Python2 surajdakua/Crowd-Counting-Using-Pytorch Pytorch based Crowd-Counting model to estimate the number of people in crowdy areas such as Stadium, Music festival etc.
Java2 arsltech/Recipe-Android-App Learn how to create Recipe Android App with CRUD Operation using Firebase Realtime Database.
Python2 peoplefund-tech/pythecamp 인터넷 편지를 보낼 수 있게 해 주는 파이썬 라이브러리
Jupyter Notebook1 phoenix-Force/mp3-to-text-converter its generate corresponding chunk mp3 and a output text file
Kotlin1 muazzam27/Toaster A simple library to show toast messages
Python1 elliottreble/Mathematical-Programming Code for automating various mathematical procedures
TypeScript1 eng-ahmed-hegazi/tour-of-hero-learning tour of hero angular tutorial
Python1 KarthikUdyawar/Guess-the-Number Small mini game in python
C#1 ashiq4321/Metro-Rail-Management-System This project will contain the information about all metro rail and their respective time, source and destination of train .there are 3 users , admin manager passenger. everyone can view rail location on google map without or with registration. Each metro rail assigned with a manager by admin who will keep updating about their stoppage time to time. passenger will have an account with sufficient balance to travel in a metro rail. Fare will be deducted from passengers account automatically after purchasing tickets.admin can create,delete, update rail, can permit requested passenger or manager
JavaScript1 xqsy7/quanProject 项目
HTML1 WeepingDogel/Black-Note 用HTML糊的维基框架...
Java1 dantegarden/batch-task-processor 个人开发的、用于处理批量任务的多线程框架,可查看当前任务完成的进度
JavaScript1 igorjung/diceroller A dice roller with modifier from D&D
Python1 MaksimEkin/File-Integrity-Monitor Checks the integrity of files. Developed for Blue Team.
Shell1 SuperSandro2000/ntp-stats Just a little script to calculate stats form you local ntp daemon.
Java1 its-harshil/PayPal-Integration-Android PayPal Integration - Android
Lua1 sylvanaar/ipop-bar An extra set of 11x3 buttons, integrated into the default action bar.
HTML1 papa28x4/PapsMusicPlayer Built a custom audio player using Javascript
C#1 marcoscclanzoni/Ohm Estudo Linguagem C#
TypeScript1 oauth-everything/passport-deviantart A Passport strategy for authenticating with
C1 mvtsolutions/iotaap Connectivity platform that even a child can understand
JavaScript1 wenmin-wu/jupyter-tabnine TabNine Coding Autocompletion for Jupyter
JavaScript1 andrealvesdc/The-Apps-Clones Clones de aplicativos e dashboards
Java1 TranNgocKhoa/hellodoctor-microservices Spring Cloud Microservices with Docker. I'm planning to make a "Grab Clinic" system =))))))))))
C1 notplus/MTCNN-PureC MTCNN face detection with C and Arm-CMSIS-DSP
JavaScript1 mollygilbert389/narcos Multiplayer Card Game
JavaScript1 mkg20001/parcel-transformer-google-fonts Automagically rehost google fonts by bundeling them into your application
C++1 olilarkin/IPlugElements iPlug2 project using Elements for GUI
Python1 samiduara/Django-poll-app A public site that lets people view polls and vote in them.
CSS1 rublev/ my personal portfolio website
C#1 gtalarico/apidocs.samples Samples for
Jupyter Notebook1 liazou/Project-and-Prensentation-Fall-2019 Project and Presentation material for Fall 2019 semester.
JavaScript1 zjcwill/react-notice-board react上下无缝滚动公告栏
Java1 olocat/nsims 护士站管理系统(后端基于ssm框架,前端使用bootstrap)
Python1 tntpower10/tntBot Discord bot made by tntpower10 for learning and having fun
Kotlin1 lambui09/MovieAppWithMVVM study MVVM, learn more.
Jupyter Notebook1 balajiselvaraj1601/Imagenette_Imagewoof_Leaderboard Code package for competing the imagenette_imagewoof leaderboard
Vue1 ZHaruHi/vue-layout-lib Vue, Flex
Java1 sabinekopec/MemoryGame A game of Memory with nice images from the north sea
Jupyter Notebook1 PardeepBaboria/Data-Analysis-and-Machine-Learning-Projects Repository of learning materials, code, and data for my data analysis and machine learning projects.
Python1 renh/pyRaman frequency domain resonance Raman and time domain ultrafast stimulated resonance Raman
Python1 eduardoquerido/django_com_docker Aplicação django rodando com docker e docker-compose
HTML1 sandraViteri/PruebaFase1 repositorio de prueba
Dockerfile1 Jonarod/tensorflow_lite_alpine Tensorflow Lite reduced to a tiny C library compatible with musl environments like Alpine Linux
JavaScript1 jzcodeveloper/my-own-webpage My own webpage which is actually a summary of my experience as a web developer.
C1 TheOnlyChun/c learning algorithm
JavaScript1 RoastedWrk/helloworld my first code from VScode
Python1 Eiii/irset-watermark iRacing setup watermarking tool
HTML1 ai-devs/stock-analysis Getting some practice on stock prediction with sklearn
Shell1 kmosiejczuk/kmos-ports-tools Kurt's OpenBSD Ports Tools
JavaScript1 mike-evlantev/ITLogger Ticket management system
PHP1 Wickedlolz/TODOList Simple Symfony MVC application with CRUD operations
Java1 thalissonoliveira/poo Projetos com exemplos para disciplina de POO
PHP1 codemade-xyz/php-liquid-bundle Symfony Liquid Bundle - template engine for PHP
HTML1 jmsg78/capablanca Capablanca - Escuela JavaScript Platzi
Java1 obernal-projects/projects In this repository only my personal projects will be uploaded in order to learn java
HTML1 bandanishanth/ML-Web Deploying a Machine Learning Model using Flask
C1 TNTNTA/gt4412_uboot uboot for gt4412 board
JavaScript1 eng-ahmed-hegazi/vue-starting-project the first learn of vuejs
HTML1 Hugo-PD/opencv-ippicv-2019 ippicv_2019_lnx_intel64_general_20180723
C++1 Access2002/Tik-Tac-Toe This is my first project. Something simple to start off with!
JavaScript1 marvinhagemeister/mochette Opinionated wrapper around mocha
C#1 Nicolas-Gzus/puc-jogos-digitais-atp-listas Repositório com as listas de Exercícios feitas para a matéria de ATP (Algoritmo e Técnicas de Programação)
HTML1 GaussYuan191/ my hexo blog
Python1 achamorr/wikiwiz A chrome extension for wikipedia hoverable definitions and browser augmentation
Hack1 ZEYUDENG/hellow-world practice
JavaScript1 DoneDeal0/Chat-App-Client- Real-time chat app (front-end script)
JavaScript1 CreatorFan/New-Theory 天外天新理论答题备份
JavaScript1 pfabrikant/Image-Board A Vue.js web application for curating images.
Swift1 essentialdevelopercom/ios-lead-essentials-ui-design-patterns-challenge
C#1 xiaoxinpro/ChineseSubtitleConversionTool 繁体简体字幕转换工具
JavaScript1 ocgordon/fantethyfootball Fantasy Football on the Ethereum Blockchain!
HTML1 DengMY/ 一个经历了无数次造锅-修锅-造锅的Blog
JavaScript1 fri-sch/slam.js Kleinkunst Competition Interactive Slides (using reveal.js)
Python1 meteyldrm/Repylace A text replacement utility with a themed tkinter GUI.
CSS1 Morglod/figma-vue-boilerplate Figma plugin boilerplate with Vue, Figma UI, RPC and TypeScript
Swift1 mrswagbhinav/hamlet project for Penn Apps XX
Python1 arc144/siim-pneumothorax My solution to the SIIM-ACR Pneumothorax Segmentation Challenge on Kaggle, which got the 7th place.
JavaScript1 vitorfreitas/graphql-yoga-mongodb Playground de desenvolvimento com graphql-yoga e MongoDB.
Shell1 orangelinux/Django-db-resetter DjangoのDBを削除してmigrate、ユーザーの作成をします。変更元にさせていただいたスクリプト→
HTML1 PerDreams/ GovHack 2019 Taradale ongoing projects in New Zealands Mental Health Statistics
Jupyter Notebook1 chrismoroney/Artificial-Intelligence-Coursera-Tensorflow My exercises and work from the AI Tensorflow Course from Coursera taught by Laurence Moroney
ShaderLab1 ComputerPark/ASKY 프로젝트 ASKY 리포지토리 (2019 HYU-GEC 장기과제)
HTML1 es3n1n/Custom-SpeedDial-Template SpeedDial changer plugin for opera(tested on opera gx only)
Python1 tripitakas/tripitaka_ocr_api OCR API
Shell1 abaplint/abaplint-docker abaplint docker image config
Java1 ahungry/fork-yea Forking fun in clojure/java/jni/C
Kotlin1 Ebraheemb/RestaurantsExplorer Android application build with MVVM Pattern, using Zomato API to enable search cities arround the world and display the city restaurants on a map.
Ruby1 441420776/rails_6 rails6 base setting and useful gem
PHP1 levmecom/levme Yii2 一键安装 将levmecom放在与vendor同目录
HTML1 divinicius/pong-enhanced An enhanced pong game similar to Crash Bash Ballistix made with JS
Java1 zhangchongfei/nacos-one-service nacos企业级实战nacos-one-service
Swift1 cellgit/SWScrollPageViewController Scroll PageViewController with Title
Python1 surajdakua/Algo-To-Find-Elements-In-Array Binary Search Algorithm.
Hack1 vitorkoji/BlocoDeNotas Web
JavaScript1 mikeal/inquisitorius Automated github org management
R1 JadenQ/GBDT-in-SM-MiRNA-Association-Prediction GBDT method for SM-MiRNA Association Prediction (also used xgboost) by 2 featuring methods
Python1 Androgyne/pytorch-image_classification Image classifier for small data sets,using two ideas which are transfer learning and small model
Python1 DestructionFox/DeweB Download the Images
TypeScript1 piyush-repo/NodeJs-App-With-Typescript- A basic node js application with typescript
Python1 HarunHM/ A photo sharing web app developed in Django 2.22 and Bootstrap 4.
Scala1 tek/kallikrein scala testing framework
JavaScript1 justmvg/LTO-Network-Balance-Checker Chrome Extension
PHP1 ChappieZ50/rix-visitors Php Ziyaretçi
HTML1 FrankeyDee/HotRestaurant an app to make reservations
Python1 mrisoli/futebot Simple discord bot
Python1 iamoneart/College-Course-Enrollment-Forecasting-Using--Multivariate-Time-Series-LSTM-Algorithm This a deep learning (Long Short-Term memory) multivariate time-series algorithm for forecasting of students' enrollment into courses
C++1 rotarucosminleonard/Blynk-Thermostat-V2 A new version of a thermostat that can work and be fully programmed online or offline.
Java1 DobeShadow/BaseMessage Nukkit BaseMessage
C#1 next-experience-studio/PASS Program Automated Scoring System
Haskell1 lynn/modhs Haskell .mod file player
JavaScript1 stefandesu/exocron Simple command scheduler written in Node.js
HTML1 mnnejatynory6889/hello-word Jast another repository
TypeScript1 inescoin/inescoin-wallet Source code for Inescoin Wallet (Angular 8) ->
JavaScript1 akshatvg/So-Many-Languages Web application to help convert one programming language's code to another within seconds while also enabling the user to generate code using just logic.
JavaScript1 scigames-club/ Platform for Science & Educational Games
Java1 17vjs/RESTful-API Rest API call in android
PHP1 KotonoSora/theme-wordpress-kotonosora-one-child theme wordpress kotonosora one child
Jupyter Notebook1 iamrdofficial/Understanding-Buying-Behavior-Using-Hierarchical-Clustering Understanding Buying Behavior Using Hierarchical Clustering
TypeScript1 xSploited/ngx-mapbox-gl-without-token-2etlcs Created with StackBlitz ⚡️
C#1 torandi/StarAllianceSearch A tool for seaching for star alliance award flights
JavaScript1 whereispolaris/mern-rating-app MERN Stack application that allows users to add themselves and be rated by other members.
JavaScript1 huanghu0/WordWaterfallApp 基于微信小程序的单词记忆app开发,它针对具有一定词汇基础,没有迫切应试需要,更倾向于逐步积累自己感兴趣的词汇的人群,帮助人们利用碎片时间养成长期学习的习惯。获得第二届中国高校计算机大赛微信小程序应用开发赛西南赛区一等奖。
HTML1 sarveshpathak139/Live_clock Live clock using javascript
HTML1 LeonardoGazioRyanSozza/ My personal website
HTML1 gunessahin/countup Belirlenen sayıdan başlayarak, belirlenen sayıya kadar adım adım artan sayac
Python1 Access2002/UFC-SMS-updater This sends me a SMS to tell me who is fighting next in the UFC
Java1 jayfella/shaderblowlib A sleauth of shaders for jMonkeyEngine
Python1 KodeBlog/Python-3 Code repository for python 3 tutorials for beginners
C1 tsingke/OOP_Lab OOP实验上机代码演示
GDScript1 BuendiaGames/Squashy A local multiplayer capture-the-flag libre game
Go1 luthfikw/u2 double underscore binding
C++1 riidefi/RiiStudio Sophisticated editors for GameCube and Wii files
Jupyter Notebook1 geekgap-io/python3_recipes A collection of practical recipes to master Python3 in depth
Objective-C1 wwmz/WMZBanner 最好用的轻量级轮播图+卡片样式+自定义样式,链式编程语法
Kotlin1 YutaroOhara/android-gradle-kotlin-dsl-sample Using Kotlin DSL for android.
Ruby1 UlrichViefhaus/nikto-inspec This is a custom inspec inspec from Ulrich Viefhaus. This is neither an official product of inspec nor nikto. The profile test an http/https server with the open source web server scanner nikto2. Nikto checks for known insecure files on the webserver, outdated software versions and insecure configuration items. You can customoze the profile with attribute files and set hosts, ports and commandline options.
JavaScript1 HasheebKazi/penn3_travel pennapps 2019 hack
Java1 farmer127/SDA_Clinic Final SDA Project Course
JavaScript1 JinBaoFs/DEDE 物流Web站
HTML1 sanuyaduvanshi/Task My Django App
JavaScript1 sahil-mor/React-Native-Currecny-Convertor A simple currency convertor react native app using expo
Swift1 jacobwhite/ShiftyClock Threw this together really fast one night to try out SwiftUI
PHP1 mohnuris/Laravel masih proses belajar
Rust1 Morganamilo/aur-depends Dependency solving library for the AUR
Python1 JD-P/graverobber Python + HTML5/JS implementation of the game Graverobber, as it appears in the webseries Petscop. See:
Jupyter Notebook1 shadowlink0122/kc3_NLP kc3のための講義資料
JavaScript1 remaxjs/remax-dva Remax bindings for Dva
Jupyter Notebook1 lansenhhhh/python some algorithms of python
C1 lykaina/echidna Echidna Assembly-like Esoteric Programming Language
Rust1 martindisch/coap-lite A lightweight CoAP message manipulation crate, ideal for embedded environments
Vue1 takkiTang/components vue components
Go1 visualfc/pkgwalk golang package walker
JavaScript1 michaelunltd/pokedex Simple React Redux Client for PokeAPI
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